Content can be created locally, or online using Xerte Online Toolkits. După achitarea planului Premium vei fi redirecționat spre o fereastră unde vei putea înregistra și domeniul tău. Este mai ușor să faci ceva în rețeaua existentă, beneficiul unor astfel de posibilități Absolut totul, variind de la designul și funcțional al proiectului dvs. Pentru a adăuga o imagine este suficient să faci un dublu click pe imagine iar aceasta va fi adăugată la biblioteca media.

Rogo High-stakes assessment Rogōaims to provide an online assessment system with a focus on consistent quality, usability and security. The system programe de dating informal progress tests and surveys, self assessment, as well as formal exampapers.

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A range of common question types are supported. Features for managing the assessment life-cycle are included, such as standards setting and peerreview of papers.

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Students can save work created or submitted in Moodle to their Mahara portfolio. Single SignOn is also supported.

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Students can present selections from their portfolio through customised pages, which they control access to. Students can network with one another and share artefacts through groups. Alternative: PebblePad,Elgg OpenSankore provides an interactive cross-platform interface for whiteboards, touch tables, or any type of computer. Whiteboard-style drawing is supported, as well as inserting documents and media. A teacher can view students screens in overview mode.

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Computers can be remote controlled to provide assistance. Workstations can be locked to reduce distractions. Demonstrations can be broadcast to all workstations.

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There is a highly active Moodle user community providing support. Moodle can be extended an integrated with other systems using the large library of available plugins. It also handles SIM functionality, providing all information in one place.

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Videos can also be published to existing public platforms such as YouTube or iTunes. Captioning, keyboard navigation and screen readers are well supported. It will also capture audio from a microphone. As well as capturing a lecture or presentation, plug plugin elgg can be used to record a tutorial or walk through of a system.

Multiple tracks can be recorded separately and edited together. Additional audio tracks can be imported.

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Files can be saved to a number of formats. Video, audio and text chat are supported. Users can share presentations and applications from their screen with other users. Users can upload videos which are converted into a streamable format and shared.

Videos can be embedded into a web page or VLE. Users can rate and comment on videos. Content can be created locally, or online using Xerte Online Toolkits.

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Once created, Xerte packages materials in a standard format that can be imported into most VLEs, and viewed using Flash. Materials created using Xerte allow users to change fonts and colour schemes, as well as supporting textto-speech, ensuring that materials are accessible to all users.

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Documents can be saved to Plug plugin elgg format. Alternative: iBooks Author,Adobe InDesign TeX Ebook Authoring TeX is a powerful typesetting markup language designed to allow users to easily create high-quality electronic or printed books which display consistently across devices and platforms. TeX is particularly useful for displaying mathematical and scientific formulae in a consistent manner.

Documents written in the TeX markup language can be rendered to files in the DVI file format, or converted to other formats. Alternative: Calibre E-book management Calibre is a cross-platform tool for managing a personal ebook library.

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Supports a wide range of e-readers, tablets and phones plug plugin elgg syncing. Provides a desktop e-book reader. Links to online libraries to allow the download and purchase of e-books.

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Alternative: iBooks,Google Play Books,Kindle apps Etherpad Collaborative Authoring Etherpad provides an interface for multiple users to collaborate on a document in real-time over the web. The entire history of a document can be viewed using a time slider.

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Gobby provides similar functionality to Etherpad, but uses a client-server infrastructure. Alternative: Google Docs Gobby Collaborative Authoring Gobby provides similar functionality to etherpad, but uses a client-server infrastructure.

Alternative: Google Docs Owncloud Documents provides Google Docs-style document sharing and collaboration, as well as Dropbox-style synchronisation. Alternative: Google Docs Archi and BizzDesign Architect are both enterprise architecture modelling applications that use the Archimate standard. Alternative: BizzDesign,Architect Koha Integrated Library System ILS Koha includes modules for circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more.

Koha supports standard formats and protocols to ensure interoperability with other library systems.

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  5. Rogo High-stakes assessment Rogōaims to provide an online assessment system with a focus on consistent quality, usability and security.

The open source Koha project from koha-community. LibLime Koha is a fork of the original project managed by LibLime, while LibLime Academic Koha is a separate product developed for a consortium of institutions.

Islandora is modular, proving Solution Packs to implement bestpractice workflows for managing different content types.

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A range of mobile devices are supported from low-to high-end through a single web interface using feature detection. Alternative: ProTools,Cubase,Sibelius Ardour Music Ardour also provides a suite for recording and editing audio, but unlike Audacity, also supports multi-track recording.

While there is no single open source application that provides all features of a comprehensive package like Reason, there are distributions of Linux designed for studio workstations, combining several applications to provide comparable features.

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Featured software includes multitrack recorders, MIDI sequencers, virtual amplifiers and effects processors. Ubuntu Studio also features JACK, an advanced audio system allowing the audio inputs and outputs of separate applications to be connected together. Based on open source media libraries, a wide range of video and audio formats are supported from a large number of devices. Output to standard formats including H.