Grab a pvc planter 3ft in a garden center. Feel free to share or link any of my videos on facebook, twitter, forums etc.

Aqua One Aquastyle Aquarium: Discontinued?

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Biohome products: www. This one took 3. The standard tank is litres so really only requires around 2kg of biohome any type to achieve a full cycle - having 3.

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There is really no need to use extra filtration when the trickle filter is set up properly so please don't rule overhead filters out - they simply need to be set up properly. This series of videos is all about trying to squeeze more efficiency out of internal and external aquarium filters which generally have a limited filtering capacity - If you have a filter you'd like me to feature in a video then please contact me on: sales filterpro.

The goal with any filter is to try and achieve FULL CYCLE filtration which is the reduction in ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate - if you look anywhere online you'll see people tell you that the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium ends with the production of nitrate which is removed by regular often large water proudlock și lucy dating. Canister filters will generally offer the best provision for filter media but even internals can be significantly improved to boost water quality and fish health.

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The following videos will be useful to anyone interested in learning proudlock și lucy dating about filtration, bacteria and making the conditions for your fish as good as possible: Sizing a canister properly and filter set up: goo.

This channel is purely a hobby for me so I will never ask viewers to donate money for any of my projects or charge anyone for information - information should be shared freely and I certainly don't consider myself an 'expert' in anything I pursue as a hobby so please do your own research, never accept anything as 'fact', reject anyone claiming to be some sort of authority or 'expert' and make your own minds up about anything you wish to study.

We all are on a long path of learning If you've enjoyed this video please check out the playlists on my channel for hundreds more - on a variety of subjects.

Feel free to share or link any of my videos on facebook, twitter, forums etc. See you next time. Its doesnt appear very wet up there? I thought the spaces would need to have a fair amount of water to keep good dating altoona alive?

It just trickles through.

I've just bought some of your bio gravel, I've never used it before but does it need to be cleaned out like the filter media or would that wash away the bacteria living there? So far, I ve been running one of those rain filters on acquaclear sponges and a layer of polyfill with very good results, do you think I should consider replace the sponges with bio rings only covered by a layer of polyfill?

B G mentioned the foam mattress topper? Us And YouAcum an Hmm, could be on to something there. I know the type you're meaning. Kiwi-GirodsAcum an I saw it as a mattress topper foam at the warehouse, it was pink tho. Which has 2 compartments instead of But basically the same. As the one you show.

Aqua One Aquastyle Aquarium: Discontinued? Biohome products: www. This one took 3. The standard tank is litres so really only requires around 2kg of biohome any type to achieve a full cycle - having 3.

With a little ingenuity could I change this into a sump. Either 2 compartments or 4 compartments. Brandon FarrugiaAcum an Bio gravel in every tray or just in the last one?

Thanks Zxc23Acum an Hi Pondguru. Thank you for your videos.

Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS:// ...

I followed your advice on all my filters and the rests are amazing! Ive just purchased a new L with overhead filter and was thinking how am I goimg to make this work, but as usual i just checked your channel and BOOM! Cant wait to start my new project. Thanks for all you're videos! Just connect the output of your external filter on the spraybar of this shower filter.

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So when you need more filtration capacity and have this shower filter laying around, and cant afford a bigger cannister filter or dont want two cannisters running together you can expand capacity this way. Grab a pvc planter 3ft in a garden center. Drill many small holes in bottom.

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Drill one hole in end side for water inlet tube. Fill planter with coarse filter medium volcanic rock, expanded clay pellets. Put filter wool on top of filter medium.

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Drill holes in tube the lengt of the planter, one inch apart and put it on top of filter wool. Connect pump.

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Dennis van OpstalAcum an Never clean it. You lose all bacteria.

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All you need to do is when there is to much mud in the filter. Is take the trays out.

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Take a bucket of water from your tank. And wash off the mud a bit. Dont let the media dry out, dont use soap and watch out with chlorine.

You lose your colony of baceteria when you make a mistake and you got to go through the whole cycling process again. I added an aquaone canister filter for supplementary filtration.

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Kye HillsAcum an I use seachem Matrix in my systems as it never has to be replaced and it's smaller than the noodles. Karl HurstAcum 2 ani Hi, great videos mate!

Just curious why you decidede to change the media choice and presumably I'll be sweet with tbe ultimate in dating site offline marketing case? Was it just about getting more media into proudlock și lucy dating space for more filtration?

Cheers PondguruAcum 2 ani Yes it was just to get more media in there but loads of people use different media with the biohome ultimate being very popular for overhead trickle filters so whatever media you use from the range will be fine. Tim CollinsAcum 2 ani Thanks for the advise, just bought a tank with the hood filter, didn't bother proudlock și lucy dating it up used external gonna give this one a try know siantastic xAcum 2 ani Where can I buy bio gravel from please magzireAcum 2 ani its literally advertised all over this video lol.


Can you recommend how much to buy for a Aqua One AR trickle filter? Booboo BambosAcum 2 ani My aquarium does not have trays so i cant stock in each one its one hole trickel filter Booboo BambosAcum 2 ani Im just thinking and being skeptical about the fish waste where will it go because if it just goes right through its a waste of time and money and efford having a filter Booboo BambosAcum 2 ani Hi mate i got a question how can i stock a trickel filter to get the most out of witch one goes first the filter floss then the ceramic and carbon then the sponge or other way Is it best to be all fitted on top of each other or side ways stack till the exit of water to the aquarium Thank you Hope you can help video3ishAcum 2 ani Champion lad.

CosmicAcum 2 ani I have an aqua ode Similar tray but drip only covers half the tray.

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I want to pimp it! I have both Aquariums, In my Aquamode i ended up buying a spray bar that is suited for the AR cut it to length and placed in filter, The spray bar now covers the entire filter system for a more even distribution of water. You can fit more in the system, also use media bags as it helps with maintenance as you get crap that builds up under the plastic grate.

Captain WinAcum 2 ani Would it not be a nitrate factory since the concentration of oxygen in air is much higher than it is in water? Add to that, in water, the oxygen is even more depleted as it slowly wo trifft om single frauen further into the submerged biological media due to the aerobic bacteria using the available oxygen as is first enters the biomedia whereas in proudlock și lucy dating trickle filter, water is splashing over media meaning it's also in contact with air for periods.

It would be interesting to see two tanks, side by side, one with an external canister filter the other with a trickle filter, both containing the same amount of biomedia and a controlled amount of food added to the tank every day just to see how both performed. Bulk Reef Supply mob from the USA have a ROblocks channel where they have little controlled tests like these on various bits of kit but they've never done the one I just suggested.

It would be interesting to see the results. PondguruAcum 2 ani The key to nitrate reduction isn't really the type of filter unless flow is slowed down to create anaerobic conditions but it is the choice of media. With the right media you will have small pockets of anaerobic activity inside it regardless of flow or water oxygen content. Molly EvergladeAcum 2 ani I have a similar but not identical it's not a shower filter set up on my 50L snail tank and I quite like it.

It's extremely simple - looks like it's made out of a tupperware container and a pump - but it's very easy to customise and clean and gets good flow. Sometimes the simplest things work the best!

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PondguruAcum 2 ani Yes it doesn't have to be anything fancy to be speed ​​dating bergen norvegia, that's for sure - as long as you have mechanical and biological in the right order and use good quality media it's all good. Zain KAcum 2 ani Hey pondguru, been seeing your videos for years now.

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I'm planning on getting a aqua one aquastyle T which comes with the same filter set up. Would you say these filter set ups are good?

I also think they have discontinued the aquastyle range as this tank I'm looking at is not available online so have to look for a store which have left overs Zain KAcum 2 ani Kye Hills I find that proudlock și lucy dating. Aqua one is an Australian brand from what I know so find it odd to how they'd sell a tank in the UK and not in their own country.

Could be down to popularity or might just be exclusive to the UK Kye HillsAcum 2 ani Zain K Im in Aus and we still have the Aquastyles but we don't have the proudlock și lucy dating colour combos we just have gloss white or gloss black.

Spare parts are easily available online as well. I checked the UK site and I couldn't seem them so its a possibility they have discontinued them. I also noticed that the UK has Newer models with the curved glass which isn't available in aus go figure.

I'd say I got lucky and found this place which had the tank on display and had 2 in storage. I saw the manufactured date and it was so was kind of happy as it showed it was sitting there for only a year. I also decided to get the cabinet with it. Again would say I was lucky as they had a few which had black doors beach wood frame and only one left with white doors dark oak frame which was the one I wanted.

Maintenance parts are easy to get online but the aquarium and cabinets I don't think you can find new anymore online Kye HillsAcum 2 ani What country do you live in?

Australia still have this range available. PondguruAcum 2 ani Yes I think they are very good when set up with a decent amount of media proudlock și lucy dating foams in correct place as they offer a really great filtering capacity hidden in the hood. Three layers of foam under the spray bar coarse on top, then medium, then fine on the bottom.

Then fill the second chamber with the ceramic rings it comes with. Richard PortelliAcum 3 ani You should also put a foam pre filter onto proudlock și lucy dating intake tube. PondguruAcum 2 ani Yes, if the intake had been supplied I would have demonstrated that as it offers a great way to keep the heavy muck out of the top filter and extend main filter maintenance times.

I suppose I really should have mentioned it Are you saying put carbon beneath the medium foam in the middle comparment?