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Luke: Sounds like that group it was DeeJ’s! For the majority of Raid encounters, you're going to need to work as a group.

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That group of six is trying to form a metaphorical key which opens a given encounter's lock. By design, we don’t provide much in the way of information to groups in Raids.

ign raid matchmaing

There aren’t waypoints to follow, or objectives explaining what to do in a given situation. Realistically, for many players, they’ll be turning to the Internet for help on how to do a bunch of the Raid.

There's an old Bungie quote about not wanting players to go to the Internet to figure out solutions. That quote certainly wasn't about Raiding in Destiny.

ign raid matchmaing

We fully expect players to either publish strategy guides on the Internet or keep their group's secrets guarded close to the vest in an effort to keep their rewards even more exclusive.

Once your group understands how to open the Vault, it's not going to take anywhere near 45 minutes. Luke: There's a whole bunch of missing information in that sentence. So let's just talk about that particular weekend. In Marchwe brought an organized clan of folks in to playtest the Raid.

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This would be one of the only times the Vault of Glass would be played by external participants. These folks are shooter players, not -- for the most part -- Raiders from other games.

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They are a group of people used to working together primarily in competitive multiplayer games, and hadn't been exposed to an experience like this before. We arranged the 24 visitors into four teams. We put them through a pretty lengthy UR study, filmed them, datamined their adventures, and watched them play it live.

Later, the Raid team spent a bunch of time watching player perspective films we captured during the day. We did not offer them help, tips or ign raid matchmaing during their time here. We didn't clarify mechanics for them.


We watched, listened and learned. In two days of ign raid matchmaing - where they broke for meals and had some ramp up time with the game on day 1, here's ign raid matchmaing happened: Two groups made it to the final encounter.

ign raid matchmaing

Neither group defeated it. One group made it to the final encounter, but had to be skipped through an earlier encounter. One group washed out and elected to go back to playing Strikes, Missions and Patrols.

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With the goal of as many players beating the Normal Raid as were willing to organize, cooperate and communicate, we made a bunch of tuning changes through the rest of the Spring. Quote: Q: A “Normal Raid?

ign raid matchmaing

How does difficulty work in Destiny Raids? Luke: There are two difficulties for Raiding: Normal and Hard.

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Upon finishing a Raid on Normal, players can attempt the Hard-mode version of the Raid. Normal mode is about learning the mechanics, working together as a team and building strategies to overcome the encounters.

For instance: I’ve gotten a handful of Bungie groups through the Raid on Normal, and you guys the playerbase are inevitably better at the game, smarter tacticians, and more clever than we are.

ign raid matchmaing

Hard modes demand execution. In addition to deadlier combatants, tighter tuning windows for encounter mechanics and a handful of targeted differences, Hard-mode encounters leverage an even harsher death penalty than the Normal modes. Were we to track things like World Firsts, we'd be verifying Hard-mode kills instead of completing the Raid on Normal.

ign raid matchmaing

Quote: Q: Seriously, how long will it take, I have a life. Luke: Because we store your progress in a given week, you don't need to clear the activity in one-go.