On 15 extracted frontal teeth four levels of pathological incisal wear facets were artificially created. Efectul pe care îl caută e evident unul pitoresc și vesel. Surgical treatment of oral soft tissues benign tumors with laser assisted postoperative therapy confirms the benefits of this surgical procedure. By calculating the areas of the amount of lost tissue corresponding to each difference of Bscans, the final volumes of NCCL were obtained.

Two samples were used as positive and negative control. The purpose of this test was to investigate the passive adaptation of 20s vs 30s dating bars manufactured through different technologies, and in this respect two bars short and long were fabricated by each process: laser-sintering, milling, casting. This research introduces holography as an assessment method of 3D variations of gingival retractions.

The retraction of gingiva on frontal regions of 5 patients with periodontitis was measured in six points and was evaluated by holographic methods using a He-Ne laser device 1mV, Superlum, Carrigtwohill, Ireland inside a holographic bank of x cm.

Impressions were taken during first visit and cast models were manufactured. Six months after the end of periodontal treatment, clinical measurements were repeated and the hologram of the first model was superimposed on a final model cast, by using reference points, while maintaining the optical geometric perimeters.

The Wilcoxon test was used to compare the mean recession changes between baseline and six months after treatment, and between values in vivo and the values on hologram. No statistically significant differences between values in vivo and on the hologram were found.

In conclusion, holography provides a valuable tool for assessing gingival retractions on virtual models. The data can be stored, reproduced, transmitted and compared at a later time point with accuracy. In numerous clinical situations it is not possible to have an exact clinical evaluation of the furcation defects. Recently the use of CBCT in periodontology has led to an increased precision in diagnostic. To determine the accuracy of CBCT as diagnostic tool of the furcation defects. Material and method.

Clinical and digital measurements in mm were performed on all the molars involved.

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The data obtained has been compared and statistically analysed. These data are similar to those revealed by other studies1. The use of CBCT technique in evaluation and diagnosis of human mandibular furcation defects can provide many important information regarding the size and aspect of the interradicular defect, efficiently and noninvasively.

CBCT technique is used more effectively in detection of advanced furcation degree compared to incipient ones. Author s : Adrian Gh.

Podoleanu Show Abstract The number of publications on optical coherence tomography OCT continues to double every three years. Traditionally applied to imaging the eye, OCT is now being extended to fields outside ophthalmology and optometry.

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Widening its applicability, progress in the core engine of the technology, and impact on development of novel optical sources, make OCT a very active and rapidly evolving field. Trends in the developments of different specific devices, such as optical sources, optical configurations and signal processing will be presented. Encompassing studies on both the configurations as well as on signal processing themes, current research in Kent looks at combining spectral domain with time domain imaging for long axial range and simultaneous imaging at several depths.

Results of the collaborative work of the Applied Optics Group in Kent with organisers of this conference will be presented, with reference to 3D monitoring of abfraction. Both 1-D uni-dimensional and 2-D bi-dimensional scanning systems are considered.

The paper discusses different scanners, including polygon mirror, galvanometer-based and Risley prisms.

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Their configurations and characteristics, as well some of our contributions in the domain are presented. The tendency of applying them into special designs such as handheld scanning probes and endoscopes — the latter with MEMS Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems and micro-systems is pointed out. A discussion on further advancements of scanning technology in biomedical applications in general and in OCT in particular concludes the study.

Author s : G. Drăgănescu; Carmen Todea Show Abstract The laser Doppler flowmetry devices give a series of information like the blood flux and some statistical 20s vs 30s dating, automatically estimated. There are also new important attempts based on the Fourier transform of the flow flux signal which gather more information from the laser Doppler flowmetry.

The amplitude spectra estimated in these articles, exhibit a series of peaks corresponding to the cardiac variation of the blood flow and noise components of the flow flux signals, dependent on the state of the tooth.

The aim of our investigations is to introduce new signal processing methods, based on wavelet continuous dating on-line bunbury, which express in a more sensitive manner the modifications of the flow flux signal with the state of the tooth, and to introduce new 20s vs 30s dating parameters, defined in a previous paper. These parameters express, in a more sensitive manner the modifications of the pulp flow flux signal in relation with the pulp tooth healt, and to introduce new quantitative parameters, defined in a previous paper.

These parameters express, in a sensitive way the changes of the blood flux. For practical investigations we used a series of signals recorded with the aid of a Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitoring device Moor Instruments and processed with the computer.

Author s : Sian Rees; George Dobre Show Abstract When using scanning laser ophthalmoscopy to produce images of the eye fundus, maximum permissible exposure MPE limits must be considered. Our study aims to show how MPE values can be calculated for the specific case of retinal scanning by taking into account an array of parameters, such as wavelength, exposure duration, type of scanning, line rate and field size, and how each set of initial parameters results in MPE values that correspond to thermal or photochemical damage to the retina.

The latter is essential in OCT by example to achieve in vivo, real time imaging — with video rate imaging capability. An essential element of this effort to achieve such speeds in OCT by example is the optomechatronic system used for lateral scanning.

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It usually consists of a dual axis double galvanometer-based scanner GS. However, GSs are used in a larger variety of applications in biomedical imaging — not only in lateral scanning.

Due to the importance of the topic, we have approached different aspects of GSs technology, including scanning and control functions, duty cycle optimization, and minimization of artifacts.

The paper proposes a Model-based Predictive Control MPC structure for driving the GSs in order to achieve either an improved precision or a higher speed. The predictive control solution was tested for different types of input signals. Reasons for choosing the 20s vs 30s dating function and the predictive horizons are discussed.

The GS was characterized by a second order mathematical model MMwith the values of the parameters identified experimentally. Simulations were carried out using Matlab Simulink. The conclusions support the proposed control solution and its implementation in applications. Different configurations of such devices exist, including with rotational, tilting or rotational plus tilting prisms.

The analysis of the most used Risley prisms scanners, with rotational elements has been approached in different ways, to determine exactly or approximately their scan patterns. While we have previously developed such an exact analysis using mechanical design programs, in this paper a first multi-parametric analysis is carried out, for two of the possible configurations of scanners with two rotational prisms.

A comparison is done between the exact and the approximate equations of the maximum deviations, and also between the two configurations considered. The minimum linear deviation produced by one of the scanner configuration is also deduced. Author s : Iosif Kaposta; Virgil-Florin Duma Show Abstract The issue of obtaining precise scan patterns using optical wedges usually named Risley prisms devices is related to the driving solutions of the prisms.

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In this paper we make first an overview of the existing and possible devices with Risley prisms — especially from the point of view of their components and of the relative movement between their components.

Further on, we discuss several driving solutions for the accurate driving of Risley prisms with different dimensions and masses — thus for different applications, from satellite positioning to biomedical imaging. The different levels of accuracy required are taken into account. Another aspect that may suggest different driving solutions is the coupled and uncoupled movement of the two prisms.

Author s : Carmen Todea ; Amalia Sarpe; Bogdan Vitez ; Gheorghe Draganescu Show Abstract The present study aims to assess the pulp vitality before and after different tooth bleaching procedures, in order to determine the changes in pulpal microcirculation and whether they are reversible or not. Twelve volunteers were included in this study. For each volunteer, the pulpal blood flow of maxillary teeth was assessed prior to treatment using Laser Doppler Flowmetry. The bleaching agents were applied on counterpart teeth and, after obtaining a esthetic results for each tooth, the pulpal blood flow was assessed using Laser Doppler Flowmetry immediately after treatment and then after one day and one week. All data were collected and statistically analyzed.

We thus make a preliminary study regarding specific solutions for prisms that have to move with a given relative speed, with a set of given relative speeds or with the possibility to adjust it within certain limits. Some of the parameters and of the envisaged errors of three types of driving solutions are pointed out.

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Author s : Matt Galloway; Kayla Gabriel; George Dobre Show Abstract Endoscopic rods such as the Hopkins variety are based on a tubular design containing a sequence of refractive optical structures1. They are intended to offer a wide angle of view but often at the expense of performance in terms of field curvature.

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They are used in areas of biomedicine that require visualisation of live tissue at the distal end, enabling clinicians to perform a variety of endoscopy procedures including biopsy. Here we demonstrate a scanning confocal arrangement with the endoscopic rod used as an optical conduit, guiding 20s vs 30s dating investigation beam to a resolution target placed at the distal end and guiding the backscattered light back to the detector.

The data presented in this study highlights the possible new contributions of this method to aid Optical Coherence Tomography OCT measurements in vivo and what could be expected of its application in terms of scanangle field of view and transmission performance.

Author s : Octavian Cira; Virgil-Florin Datând omul brazilian Show Abstract Optical choppers are a most used device in laser setups including in biomedical applications for generating laser impulses, accurate attenuation, obscuration or elimination of different wavelengths.

We present the design programs we are developing for macroscopic optical choppers with rotational wings. The latter has been, to the best of our knowledge, of our proposal patent pending. This rigorous mathematical analysis took into account all the possible relationships between the constructive and kinematics parameters of the device.

This theory allowed for developing a design program for each type of choppers — to obtain a specific type of output laser impulse. Cardul de memorie ar putea fi defect.

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În cazul în care telefonul vă semnalează că o defecțiune la cardul de memorie, înlocuiți-l cât mai curând posibil. Dacă locația implicită de stocare a telefonului este un card de memorie, schimbați locația la memoria internă și încercați din nou. Dezactivați Mod de economisire a energiei și asigurați-vă că nivelul bateriei este suficient Dacă este activat Mod de economisire a energiei sau Mod Ultra de economisire a energiei sau nivelul bateriei este scăzut, telefonul va restricționa unele funcții ale telefonului pentru a mări autonomia bateriei.

Curățați spațiului de stocare Dacă nu aveți suficientă memorie RAM sau spațiul de stocare al telefonului este insuficient, aplicația poate îngheța. Mergeți la Manager telefon și curățați spațiul de stocare al telefonului. După ce optimizarea este finalizată, Manager telefon va afișa rezultatele și recomandările de setare.

Urmați instrucțiunile de pe ecran pentru a finaliza configurarea setărilor. Deschideți Manager telefon și atingeți Curățare.

După ce scanarea este finalizată, atingeți Golire lângă elementele care trebuie șterse. Ștergeți fișierele redundante sau dezinstalați aplicațiile care nu sunt utilizate frecvent, pentru a menține un spațiu de cel puțin 10 GB. Formele geometrice ale cubismului au avut o influență puternică asupra Art Deco-ului Hôtelul perticulier al lui Jacques Doucet, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon ale lui Picasso pot să fie văzute atârnând în fundal Curentul artistic cunoscut sub numele de cubism a apărut în Franța între șiinfluențând dezvoltarea Art Deco-ului.

Vocabularul cubist a fost pregătit astfel încât să atragă designeri de modă, mobilă și de interior. Decorul casei a fost realizat de André Mare. Pentru cele două camere, Mare a proiectat tapetul, care conținea trandafiri stilizați și modele florale, alături de tapițerie, mobilă și covoare, toate cu motive flamboiante și colorate.

A fost o pauză distinctă de decorul tradițional. Efectul pe care îl caută e evident unul pitoresc și vesel.

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  2. Sistemul telefonului răspunde lent sau îngheață Este normal ca telefonul să înghețe pentru o perioadă scurtă de timp după o actualizare a sistemului.

Instalația a fost atacată de unii critici ca fiind extrem de radicală, ceea ce a contribuit la succesul ei. Laurens a proiectat fântâna, Csaky a proiectat scara lui Doucet, [51] Lipchitz a făcut șemineul șemineului, iar Marcoussis a realizat un covor cubist.