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The actual government policies is in favour of the development of ICT and Information Society and for the creation of the institutional framework setting up of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, setting up of the Advanced Technologies, Communications, and Information Technology Commission at the level of the Romanian Parliament, setting up of the Information Technology Promotion Groupof the regulatory framework adoption of a series of regulations specific to the field and in accordance with Acquis requirementsas well for the active presence of the Information and Communications Technology ICT field in international co-operation development and for the promotion of some facilities for ICT development.

Romania has resources and human potential of high quality, recognised at the international level general knowledge, creativity, foreign languages.

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Relating consolidation and enhancement of the ICT community that can be noticed by a higher involvement of the companies, experts and professional associations in the transition towards the Information Society. There are an increased rates of PC Acquisitions and increased number of mobile phone users during the last years, comparable or superior to the candidate countries.

The evolution of governmental policies to develop the Knowledge Society in Romania has been strongly influenced by the accession to EU in A significant body of legislation and initiatives has been developed during to stimulate and sustain the development of ICT sector.

Other important indicators could be: 1.

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High growth rate of the IT industry 2. Fast developing software industry 3. Initiation of e-government 4.

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Faster adoption of technologies based on mobile communications and cable TV 5. The ICT average growth rate of 19 percent in Romania as against 8 percent in the world. Romanian ICT sector offers a wide range of IT products and services whose potential has only uwo speed ​​dating begun to be noticed by the world market.

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There are also important Romanian brands that have acquired recognition at both national and regional level. The ICT sector was growing at a rate faster than GDP and is expected to continue growing at this rate for the near future.

This spider chart demonstrates how TraLaLa - Cantece si desene animate pentru copii performs against each of the 12 data points. The teal line represents TraLaLa - Cantece si desene animate pentru copii, and the black line represents the average performance for the channels in the Kid Activities Cartoons, Web Animation topic.

The Romanian ICT market features a good dynamic and high growth potential. The EU enlargement process constitutes a strong driver for this development pattern of the Romanian ICT sector since, on the one hand, it increases political participation in the EU technology and communications policy debate and, on the other hand, it requires adopting and implementing the EU regulations concerning the ICT sector.

In terms of market share, the Romanian ICT market is still largely hardware oriented, but feature an increasing share of spending on markets with the most added-value: software products and IT services.

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The software market was worth 68 million EUR in and is estimated to double in The emerging ICT sector holds substantial promise for expansion into the global marketplace. Towards this end, a new organizational structure, the role of various players and their relationships has been evolved.

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The policies are developed through an industry-government consultative mechanism where the views of industry are taken into account. The mechanism involves representatives of the government, uwo speed ​​dating institutions, industry and trade. In Romania there are five main associations in the ICT sector, as well as a number of other smaller associations.

Caragiale Iolanda STERPU Key-words: monological aside, dialogical aside, dramatic dialogue Aparté-ul constituie, alături de dialog şi de monolog, un procedeu de tehnică dramatică. Se vorbeşte, în general, despre trei categorii de aparté, stabilite în funcţie de modalităţile de realizare şi de felul în care acest procedeu funcţionează în textul dramatic: aparté propriu-zis, aparté parţial şi aparté aparent sau pseudoaparté Cvasnâi Cătănescu,

The mission of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is to create solid premises that will ensure the transition to the Information Society in Romania. To achieve this objective, the government uwo speed ​​dating a law in July exempting IT Programmers from income tax. The organisation responsible for the administration of the programme is the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics-ICI Bucharest programme duration: Technologies, equipments, systems and advanced communication services.

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There are over companies which state software development dating vamal în brazilia main activity.