He sighed. Why had he expected anything else? Was he planning an act of sabotage? It feels so good when you start out. Streamlined workflow - Quickly execute common encoding tasks by selecting from a list of presets and destinations like iPhone, iPad, and video websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

All because Vasilica didn't know how to wash a dragon's scales. He wanted to cry. Do you, uh Do you need help with anything else?

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Well, that answered that question. Guess he'd be spending the day wandering aimlessly around, waiting for Mr Vargas to find him and shout at him for meandering.

Swallowing his dating brotps disappointment, banishing the bitterness from his mind rather than leaving it to fester, he forced a smile on his face as he bid Eirik dating brotps Nisse goodbye, and scurried off to the tack room. It was packed, as expected. While some stablehands had chosen to work by the saddle stands, a bucket of water and box of supplies at their feet, others were carrying their tack to the benches in the hall instead. Sharing a tack room with other academies unfortunately meant that accusations of sabotage ran wild; for many, it was better to linger in outside, where stares were more curious than cautious.

That didn't stop suspicious gases following Vasilica as he staggered outside, weighed down by the heavy saddle in his arms. He hadn't realised he'd been holding his breath until he set the saddle on his knees and released it in one lobo dating app exhale.

Competitive dragon riding was stressful. If he already felt like sinking into the earth walking into the tack room, he couldn't imagine the pressure weighing on the riders' shoulders. Inhuman, the lot of them. At least he had a good view here. Something to distract him from the monotony of the task. Riders, dragons, stablehands, organisers, all rushed back and forth, in and out of the various stable wings, on edge or buzzing with excitement. Tomorrow would be the first event, after all.

Tensions were running high.

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Yet a certain resignation slowed people's steps. Two names hung in the air, records from previous years playing on repeat wherever they turned.

Two faces dating brotps back at everyone, on every poster, every magazine cover. They recognised the saddle Vasilica was taking apart as he checked it for damage, despair causing their shoulders to slump as they gritted their teeth and forced themselves to finish their tasks. How difficult must it to accept they were competing against an unbeatable opponent? How could they hope to win when Eirik and Nisse broke their own records at every event?

How could they still find the urge to participate when they knew they were fighting for second place?

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Vasilica admired their determination, however faltering it may seem. Not everyone's determination wavered upon spotting Nisse's saddle, however. Gilbert Beilschmidt acknowledged him with a smile and a wave, a skip in his step as he headed to the food stalls.

His pet dragonling Gilbird fluttered around his head, a cute little thing with feathers that shone like melted gold, chirping a greeting as he identified the stablehand.

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Eirik's biggest rival and oldest friend, he was determined to come out on top this event. His constant bragging about Vogel's skills were beginning to get on everyone's nerves. A calm and composed Yao Wang was making his way towards the stables, pushing a wheelbarrow of warmed pebbles for Ao Kuang.

Another top rider who feared nothing.

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He had come close to defeating Eirik in the acrobatics event the previous year, and from what the journalists were reporting, he wasn't planning on making any mistakes this time around. Even though they were from rival schools, Vasilica was looking forward to watching him compete. Distracted by his thoughts, he didn't notice the person joining him on the bench until a sudden dating brotps almost made him spill polish all over the floor. Are you alright? A young man with scruffy dark hair, a student like him it appeared, with a bulging backpack on his lap and a worried expression on his face.

Vasilica instantly felt suspicious.

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Who was he and what was he doing sharing a bench without warning? Someone from a rival school hoping to obtain information? Was he planning an act of sabotage? I'm supposed to be with the rest of my class, but they're visiting the stables right now. Thought I'd wait here for them.

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I just thought there was plenty of space for two people. And this stranger would rather wait on a bench instead of going to see all the famous dragons and their riders.

Why waste such an opportunity? Vasilica whistled.

Wish my school did these kind of school trips. Best we had was four nights in Paris. Dragons aren't really my thing. No offence. Not everyone liked dragons, that was to be expected, but to meet someone who disliked them at the world championships of all places was He wasn't sure how to respond.

Uh, guess this must suck for you, huh?

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But it's not all bad. You seem pretty cool. He wasn't used to being considered cool. Not exactly what first came to mind when asked to describe a cool person.

Maybe the stranger was only being nice. My name's Vasilica, by the way. You can call me Vas if dating brotps want. It's short for Aleksandar. Nice to meet you. They hadn't spoken much - a few hours at most - just long enough to start to get to know each other, two outcasts trying their best to fit in. Vasilica hadn't judged him for his dislike dragon, hadn't interrogated him like most people did, hadn't prodded and poked in hope of finding a trauma that would explain such a sin.

Oh, he'd looked confused, of course - what was Aleksandar doing here, at the world championships, if he disliked dragons so much?

Perhaps that was dating brotps Aleksandar liked him so much. Unfortunately, one meeting with Vasilica hadn't changed his thoughts on the trip itself. Or well, at least that what he thought before stopping in the middle of his tracks.

Today he wasn't really able to see that scared, helpless look on her face. It was the exact opposite, today she was resilient, and actually fought back, and although he had to admit he liked the fiesty act at first, now it was getting really annoying. I mean, at this point she should be begging on her knees, asking him to please have mercy, that she love- Wait.

Saeran's eyes widened as he realized what he has just imagined. He didn't want to hear her telling him how much she loved him. That she needed him, yes, the she was going to do whatever he wanted too, but that she loved him?? He didn't want anyone to love him.

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Angrily, screaming at himself or well, at Ray, he had come to the conclusion that it was all that marshmallow's fault he walked over to the garden. Nothing made him feel better than picking up flowers he knew Ray loved, and then destroying them immediately. It was a hobby of his to be honest. As he walked through the beautiful garden, he had a mental conversation with himself, mostly about what he thought about It just didn't make any sense. Just why? Because you love her.

A voice said, and Saeran immediately turned around, trying to find the idiot who said such a blatant lie. Love her? In typical Saeran fashion, he scoffed and then tried to come up with a whole list of why his toy wasn't dating brotps worthy of his affection. Oh fuck no. Saeran ran a hand through his hair and sat on the nearby fountain. He noticed that it was right in front of her room, which still seemed to have the lights on. Seriously what's that idiot doing awake still Seriously, that airhead Ray might've fallen for her, but I'm definetly not going to follow the same path as that dumbass.

He sighed. If there's a prize for rotten judgement I guess I've already won that. No girl is worth the aggravation That's ancient history, been there, done that. The dynamic Preview dating brotps shows results in real time as you prepare your footage for encoding. Scrub through video with frame-accurate timecode controls, trim media, and instantly see how effects and filters look when applied to your audio and video. Just send them a small settings file and have them copy it to the appropriate folder.

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Streamlined workflow - Quickly execute common encoding tasks by selecting from a list of presets and destinations like iPhone, iPad, and video websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

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