Iar daca e asa de bun de ce nu se duce la o televiziune neafiliata politic atit de evident unde ar putea sa se manifeste in voie. Page 20 of The two wires should be twisted together between the driver and the loop. La inceput radeam la emisiunile lui, acum mut urgent postul, ma irita.

The adhesive warning tape provides a warning of the loop presence, fixes the flat copper cable in place, and provides mechanical protection. The adhesive is formulated not to 'bleed' and has a long life.

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The insulating layer of the copper tape is bonded to the copper for better handling. Ampetronic Flat Cable is not suitable for connection to AC mains power supplies or other high voltage systems.

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To do so could result in injury or death. Installation Method: 1 Check that all reels of cable are undamaged. Do not use damaged cable - it may have a reduced service life.

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Unsealed concrete and similar materials coppercab dating strong alkalis, which can destroy the copper cables and the carpet! If the installer is unsure whether the surface is properly sealed, it may be sensible to apply a PVA white glue type adhesive and allow this to dry before installing the cable.

It may be necessary to use a light solvent e. Then lay the tinned surfaces against each other and heat to solder the ends together. Leave to cool. Alternatively Ampetronic provide a crimp tool and crimps, however it is likely crimps will be visible coppercab dating the floor covering.

Flat Copper Tape

Instead, terminate the loop to wire feeders as below: i Run the two flat cable ends from each loop or array together on top of each other if possible to a location where they will not be under any strain. A suitable location could be a standard electrical fitting box on the wall, at floor level.

The two wires should be twisted together between the driver and the loop. Strip the wire end, spread the strands out flat and solder onto the tinned end. Alternatively Ampetronic provide a crimp tool and crimps.

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The copper should be central under the adhesive tape. It is essential that the loops are not cut. The fitters should be made aware that they would be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage they cause.

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It may be sensible to test the loop continuity in their presence before and after floor finish installation to avoid any disagreement. In such a case, the tape can often be installed under equalising layers or levelling compounds; consultation with the flooring contractor is essential to ensure compatibility of materials. The warranty does not cover coppercab dating errors or mechanical damage to these products. Failure to follow these instructions properly could invalidate any warranty.