Revista de Chimie, 69, Movements along these faults induce summit ridge subsidence and preferential basal spreading along the short cone axis.

New formation pressure prediction technique is developed. The introduction of the correct temperature adjustment to well re-os pyrite dating methods while formation pressure calculation.

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Summary High technological and economic performance while drilling and deep wells max. This research is devoted to the development of the abnormally high formation pressure AHFP zones determining innovative technique on well logging data.

The method is based on changes in dependences of clays physical properties in AHFP zones.

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Abnormal pressure predicting methods in the thickness of sedimentary rocks are based re-os pyrite dating the pattern of rocks properties changes as a result of compaction in the process of sediments accumulation. The author investigates the thermal field formation in the vicinity of the borehole.

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Dynamics of the thermal field during drilling, well cleanout and well shutdown is studied. The author determines temperature factor effects on the accuracy of abnormal pressure on well logging data calculation.

A modified normally clay compacted curves technique is developed. It involves the introduction of the correct o singură mamă datând din londra adjustment to electrologging curves before the line of normal clay compaction tracing.

By this modified normally clay compacted curves technique, abnormal pressures and pressure coefficients of anomaly in sediments of Bazhenov formation Sredne-Nazymskoe and Galyanovskoe oil fields were calculated for the analyzed area. Topic: Applied geophysics, Earth physics Abnormal formation pressure estimation according to well logging data by taking into account dynamic thermal field Ivan Deshenenkov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Introduction This research is devoted to the development of the abnormal high formation pressure AHFP zones determining innovative re-os pyrite dating on well logging data.

It takes into account the nonsteady thermal field in the vicinity of the borehole. Normal pressure is formation pressure which is due to the presence of fluids water, hydrocarbons in pore spaces of the rock matrix hydrostatic pressure of fresh or salt water.

It can be considered as an open hydraulic system where pressure can easily communicate through the formation pores. Abnormal pressure is any geopressure that is different from the established normal trend for the given area and depth. The presence of hydrocarbons in reservoirs, the rate of sedimentation, deposition and compaction of sediments especially clayey sediments as well as tectonic activities faults, salt diapirs, etc.

AHFP represent a serious threat for the well and its staff maintenance while deep wells drilling and development.

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Erroneous identification of Re-os pyrite dating intervals, incorrect suppression of high-energy formation leads to washing fluid absorption and, consequently, to unexpected kicks and blow outs and severe accidents. Formation pressures can be the major factors affecting drilling operations. Unfortunately, formation pressures can be very difficult to locate and to quantify precisely where unusual or abnormal pressures exist.

Proper detection and evaluation of formation pore pressures will help in more effective overall well planning, including: safe and economical selection of casing interval; proper engineering of equipment to minimize potential hazards e.

Air pollution is becoming a stringent issue, especially in large urban agglomerations like Bucharest, Romania.

Thus, high technological and economic performance in drilling and deep wells development can be achieved in case of correct prediction and estimation of AHFP zones. Evaluation of formation pore pressure or formation pore gradient is fundamental and the basis for many engineering works.

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The theory of abnormal pressure prediction methods Undercompaction of shales leads to abnormal formation pressures. If a quick sedimentation process does not give enough time for the interstitial water to escape, or, if the normal porosity compaction process is prohibited by not letting the fluids in the pore spaces escape, the rock matrix shales cannot increase its grain-to-grain contact; therefore its compaction is not completed and the shales are undercompacted.

In such pressure system fluids are not free to expel from the pores.

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The total overburden load continues to increase with sedimentation; the rock matrix can no longer carry its burden; the fluids in the pores of the rock begin to support part of the overburden, resulting in higher than normal fluid pressures [V.

Dobrinin et al. According to these reasons abnormal pressure predicting methods in the thickness of sedimentary rocks are based on the pattern of rocks properties changes as a result of compaction in the process of sediments accumulation.

Physical properties of pure clays, used as an indicator of pore pressure, are determined by its compaction degree. Clayey rocks containing deposits with AHFP are less sealed and have higher porosity in comparison with similar rocks with normal pore pressure [V.

Dobrinin, ]. This dependence is linear.

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Temperature correction revoluționați dating reduction to constant temperature of rocks is carried out while using temperature coefficients included in equations. Temperature correction contribution is very significant. Physical parameters depend on rocks density and as a result of porosity.

This dependence of clayey rocks is the basis of various identifying and estimation by abnormal pressures methods. Normally clay compacted curves technique features and dynamic thermal field simulation Lets consider normally clay compacted curves technique more closely.

The following steps are necessary to estimate the formation pressures: the normal trend is established by plotting the logarithm of shale resistivity vs. Factors determining changes re-os pyrite dating physical properties of pure clay rocks are changes of clay mineral composition and temperature. However, the impact of changes in clay mineral composition at depths of more than m in AHFP zones is nonessential.


Temperature has a significant contribution to the calculation of reservoir pressure [A. Ipatov et al.

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The innovative method is based on normally clay Fig. According to this technique normalized to the temperature t1. The equation for abnormal pressure calculation 1-in studying sequence; 2normalized to the temperature t1 on includes the clays resistivity in normal compaction zone, clays the depth h1; 3-AHFP zone; 4 and 5 resistivity in abnormal pressure zone and temperature correction.

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In zone of normal clay compaction, where - continuation normally clay reservoir pressure is equal to the hydrostatic one, normally compacted curves in AHFP zone. Clay resistivity deviations datând fetița australiană normally clay compaction curve shows abnormal pressures zones.

Temperature correction is traditionally calculated according to the geothermal gradient. Nevertheless, the real thermal field in the borehole can differ greatly from stationary geothermic data. Therefore, thermal field in the borehole was simulated.

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Also the distribution of the temperature over time after flushing out of well was surveyed within the radius of the well logging methods Fig. It involves the introduction of the correct temperature adjustment to the electrical logging curves before tracing the line of normal clay compaction. Formation pressure prediction innovative technique In the first stage electrical logging curves normal resistivity log or lateral log lead to constant temperature for example 20 C.

As a result, resistivity changes depend with depth only on the value of the actual stress. It should be noted that temperature corrections are introduced using software package Kamerton and a specially developed algorithm. Then, pure clays are determined in geological column by spontaneous potential maximum data.

After, normally clay compaction curve is drawn in interval of meters by electrical logging curves - normal resistivity tool or lateral device.

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In last stage abnormal pressures and pressure coefficients of anomaly in sediments of Bazhenov formation are calculated. It was found that pressure gradient in formation, in other words pressure in the lower-lying formation, is higher than in the cover one. Pressures for Bazhenov formation are calculated as averages between pressures in underlying and overlying sediments. Investigated intervals above and below the zone of AHFP were determined after drawing of normally clay compacted curve.

Then pressures were calculated using special Kamertons algorithm. Pressures were estimated as average from Bazhenov formation pressure curves.