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Basically you don't have to wait Dre30mag Acum 3 ani Did anyone see she had coins at Ryenne Langford Acum 3 ani No tar appear and eat your slimes and your plorts.

Ryenne Langford Acum 3 ani You should make a honey Tabby Largo they are going to be so cute you'll forget about all of the other slimes metaphorically speaking of course.

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Or was it just me? KaitlinKittyCat Acum 4 ani so, all you basically just found a honey gordo befor you found a honey slime.

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Lavender 1. Acum 4 ani To get hunter slimes you need to be in the moss prindeți plângerile potrivite around the giant glowing mushrooms on the other side of the broken bridge at night time.

They have glowing yellow eyes and can turn invisible.

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Victoria Acum 4 ani The. Bring Hen hen rostoro rorstoro is there favorit and more meat the only eat meat 3. Hunter slimes are in the moss blanket across the broken bridge in the mushroom place. BTW they are invisible.

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Hunter slimes are in the moss blanket and they are invisible SovietSlime Acum 4 ani Make a puddle tabby TheSmollestKat Acum 4 ani Sqaishey, Hunter slimmest are found at night in the mossy blanket. They can turn invisible, so watch for their faces.

Make sure when you put one in an enclosure, to get high walls and an air net, or else they'll escape and eat all your chickens

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