Mai mult, în , Șerban a fost la un pas să prindă al treilea loc pe lista de senatori ai Alianței DA, însă schimbarea lui Adrian Mogoș din fruntea PD Iași i-a dat planurile peste cap. Top aplicatii dating com is this website around.

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Early career[ edit ] She was born in Sinaia[1] and, following secondary studies at the town's George Enescu High School, [2] in she graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Bucharest. From toshe was a prosecutor at the Olteniţa courthouse, and from to was legal adviser to a rural trucking company in Călăraşi.

She worked as a lawyer in the same city from to From toNicolai was president of the Economic and Social Council, [3] a public institution that facilitates dialogue between employers, unions and the government; [4] and was a secretary of state at the Labour Ministry from to The following year, she became a vice president both of her party and of the Senate; [5] she was the first woman to preside over a liberal dating website of that chamber.

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Upon being nominated, she vowed to increase the independence marin datând de 17 ani the judiciary and improve its image, to push a new penal code through Parliament the last one dating to[3] and to fight corruption.

President Traian Băsescu began by asking Tăriceanu to withdraw Nicolai, claiming the negative image she had acquired as senator, [7] in particular through the affair involving her niece, [8] would not be conducive to increased public trust in the judiciary.

The prime minister responded that, as no legal argument for barring her from the position had been raised, the president had no power to veto the appointment. In a case following the fall of the Communist regimeshe represented a foreign citizen in an adoption case, despite her status as prosecutor, and then claimed not to know that the law forbade this; she left her position a month later.

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Nicolai in turn produced a document indicating the individual in the case did not spend any time in prison and calling Băsescu's version of events an "insolent lie"and said she appeared in the liberal dating website case as a private individual, not a prosecutor, and did not violate the law. Băsescu and Tăriceanu then held an inconclusive meeting about the Justice portfolio; afterwards, the latter took the case to the Constitutional Courtreiterating his claim that Băsescu lacked the authority to stop the appointment.

In what some saw as a quid pro quo, she was placed first on the party's lists at the June European Parliament electionwhere she won a seat.

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