Zugrvescu, D. Din aceste butoaie apa curgea prin țevi de metal spre locul unde era încalzită și de acolo caut sex partner căzi. Analiza spaial permite observarea modului and differentiation.

Cuza, Nr. On the whole, these movements were known under the name of recent tectonics, active tectonics or living tectonics, but the term of neotectonics was generalized afterwards. In order to define neotectonics, there has been taken into account the temporal factor considered to be the amount or the assembly of the deformation movements of the crust that appeared after the structural completion of the morphostructural units.

Due to the complexity of the movements positive, negative, of inversion etc and to their effects upon the relief, the temporal criterion duration of manifestation is not enough to define neotectonics.

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Thus, besides the temporal criterion, there should be also taken into account: - the spatial grounds regional by means of which there can be determined the differences of manifestation from one unit to another, offering the possibility of comparative studies; -the functional grounds by means of which there are determined the effects upon the relief noticed and evaluated on the basis of geomorphologic methodspointing to the evolution of the relief.

Cuvinte cheie: micri tectonice, tectonica permanent, deformri neotectonice. Key words: tectonic movements, permanent tectonics, neotectonic deformations. Micrile cele mai tinere ale scoarei terestre The most recent movements of the terrestrial crust seen percepute mai ales ca micri epirogenetice, ns fr a especially as epirogenetic movements, but not only have se limita la acestea au fost sesizate de foarte mult timp i been noticed for a long time and they have been mentioned sunt menionate n studii nc din secolul al XIX-lea, dar beginning with the 19th century.

Nevertheless, the term of termenul de neotectonic are, totui, o utilizare date miniere online dating neotectonics has generally been used only for about circulaie generalizat de aproximativ de ani. Pn n secolul al XX-lea s-au acumulat numeroase Till the 20th century, there were signaled many recent semnalri ale micrilor recente, dar numai n primele movements, but the systematic researches began only in decenii ale acestui secol au nceput cercetri sistematice, the first decades of the last century, especially date miniere online dating the cu deosebire n inutul muntos al Siberiei centrale.

Din al area of Central Siberia.

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Starting with the 3rd decade, a real treilea deceniu s-a dezvoltat un adevrat curent pentru trend in supporting the research of this category of cercetarea acestei categorii de micri, iar la a III-a movements has developed and, at the 3rd INQUA reunion reuniune INQUA din s-a dat o atenie deosebit date miniere online dating problems of the recent tectonics were paid a problematicii tectonice tinere, fapt ce se va reflecta great deal of attention, fact that would be obviously evident n extinderea i adncirea cercetrilor din acest reflected in the future approach of this field researches.

A It was called recent tectonics, active tectonics or living fost numit tectonic recent, tectonic activ, sau tectonics, while for the most recent movements dating back tectonic vie, iar pentru micrile cele mai noi, din in the Holocene, it was used the term of contemporary Holocen, s-a folosit termenul de tectonic contemporan, tectonics and, sometimes, present tectonics present- uneori cel de tectonic actual actuotectonic.

Mrner, 1 the appearance of the glaciation N. Mrner, ; 2 ; - as the sum of the deformation movements of the crust - ca totalitate a micrilor de deformare a scoarei beginning with the end of the Tertiary era the Pliocene up terestre ncepnd de la sfritul erei teriere din Pliocento the Quaternary and Holocene; prelungite n Cuaternar pn n Holocen; - as the sum assembly of the recent deformation - ca sum ansamblu a micrilor recente de movements of the crust manifested after the structural deformare a scoarei manifestate dup definitivarea definitiveness of the geological structures structural a unitilor geologice a morfostructurilor.

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Dei toate formulrile au o anumit doz de Even if all the formulations lack in precision imprecizie ambiguitateaceast ultim definiie las, ambiguity to a certain extend, this third definition lets us totui, s se neleag c nu numai factorul temporal understand that the temporal factor should not represent the trebuie luat drept criteriu unic pentru definirea only criterion when defining the neotectonics. It is neotectonicei.

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Este necesar o considerare difereniat date miniere online dating necessary to make a differentiation between what belongs ceea ce aparine neotectonicii n funcie de vrsta to the neotectonics according to the age of the unitilor morfostructurale i stampy și sqaishey dating dating momentul tectonic n care morphostructural units and the tectonic moment when the au fost stabilite caracterele morfostructurale de baz ale main morphostructural characters of the relief units were set unitilor de relief.

Dat fiind complexitatea micrilor, ntruct nu pot fi Due to the complexity of the movements as they cannot reduse numai la cele epirogenice i mai ales a efectelor be reduced only to the epirogenetic movements and, acestora, criteriul temporal al duratei de manifestare nu especially, due to their effects, the temporal criterion the este suficient pentru definirea corect i complet a duration of manifestation is not enough for the correct and neotectonicii ca proces i efecte.

There should be also considered the spatial regionalca i cel funcional care stabilete raportul argument or the regional manifestationas well as the dintre micare natura micrii ca sens i intensitate i functional one that establishes the rapport between the efectele morfologice.

Fr ndoial, acest ultim movement the nature of the movement as direction and considerent capt date miniere online dating importan special ntruct are un intensity and the morphological effects. Undoubtedly, this caracter hotrtor pentru formarea i modelarea unitilor latter argument acquires a special importance as it has a de relief i pentru stabilirea particularitilor locale i defining character for the appearance and modeling of the regionale ale formelor incluse date miniere online dating anumit unitate.

Neotectonica, characters of the large relief units megastructuresun ecou prelungit, definete sau menine linia direcia including their generated levels. The neotectonics, a evoluiei reliefului prin stabilirea caracterului dominant al prolonged echo, defines or maintains the line direction of modelrii recente i actuale, ca efect al raportului direct the relief evolution by establishing the dominant character dintre micarea intern i aciunea exogen.

Aceasta nu of the recent and present modeling, as effect of the direct nseamn c regional i local, pe fondul de micare rapport between the internal movement and the exogene general, nu pot s apar diminuri ale intensitii i chiar action.

This does not mean that, on the background of the inversri ale sensului micrilor. Teleajen i Buzu i chiar mai mult dect atta care au The Curvature Sub-Carpathians located between the ca una dintre caracteristicile principale prezena cuvetelor Teleajen and the Buzu represent one of the most obvious 2 Ca urmare a amploarei i importanei micrilor din ultimii 3 mil.

One of their main characteristics is the presence n Cuaternarul inferior, dar, ulterior, prin generalizarea of the cuvettes filled up with gravels of Cndeti of procesului de nlare a Subcarpailor, acestea au fost Villafranchian age.

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These functioned as subsident areas of antrenate ntr-o micare pozitiv relativ rapid i n accumulation even during the Lower Quaternary, but, prezent reprezint unele dintre cele mai evidente afterwards, they suffered a relatively rapid positive inversiuni de relief.

Jumtatea estic a Cmpiei Romne movement as the rising process of the Sub-Carpathians ofer, de asemenea, un exemplu edificator pentru a fi became general. At present, the area represents one of the ilustrat schimbarea de sens a micrii. Pn n ultima most obvious inversions of relief. The Eastern half of the parte a Pliocenului ntreaga cmpie date miniere online dating la est de Arge Romanian Plain is also an edifying example when it comes funciona ca un bazin de acumulare antrenat n bun parte to illustrate the change of the movement direction.

Till the ntr-un proces de subsiden, care, pn n Holocen, s-a last part of the Pliocene, the entire plain area east of the restrns treptat i a rmas s se manifeste numai n ceea Arge functioned as an accumulation basin suffering a ce a fost denumit Cmpia de Divagare Titu-Srata i subsidence process that, till the Holocene, gradually Cmpia Siretului Inferior. It continued to take place only in the area Fenomenul neotectonic are manifestri i efecte called the Titu-Srata Divagation Plain and The Lower Siret morfogenetice dintre cele mai variate i ajungem la Plain.

These three words express the a. Considerentul temporal. A devenit unanim essence permanence and complexity of the process that acceptat caracterizarea teritoriului Romniei ca relativ determines the forming and evolution of the terrestrial foarte tnr, cu o dinamic accentuat cu momente de relief.

Temporal grounds. The characterization of the morfologic. Este o regul n evoluia reliefului ca Romanian territory as relatively young, with a strong unitile i formele de relief tinere s fie supuse unei dynamics with moments of real violence and a great modelri rapide.

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Cauza principal const n dinamica morphologic variety was unanimously accepted. It is a rule of intern tectonic i neotectonic cea care regleaz the relief evolution that the date miniere online dating relief forms undergo rapid raporturile ntre suprafaa topografic i aciunea agenilor moulding. The main cause is the internal dynamics tectonic modelatori. Pentru Carpai, n ansamblu, chiar according to the age or the moment of their morphostructural pentru zona fliului, putem considera c n urma defining.

For the Carpathians, on the whole, including the orogenezelor stiric, moldavic i atic din Miocenul flysche area, the structural defining was reached during the mediu i superior s-a ajuns la definitivarea structural, iar Stiric, Moldavian, and Athic orogenesis in the Middle and dup Sarmaian putem vorbi de micri neotectonice, Upper Miocene.

In the Sarmatian we can speak about chiar dac s-au mai succedat fazele orogenice, rodanic neotectonic movements, even if the Rhodanic in the Dacian n Dacian i valah sfritul Pliocenului nceputul and Date miniere online dating by the end of the Pliocene and the beginning Cuaternarului.

Aceste micri au avut rolul, n primul of the Quaternary orogenesis followed. The main role of rnd, de a nla edificiul carpatic i de a imprima un these movements was to rise the Carpathians and impose a anumit curs al modelrii subaeriene.

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Pentru Subcarpai certain evolution to the sub-aerial moulding. For the Sub- definitivai structural n orogeneza valah i n general Carpathians structurally defined in the Valachian pentru unitile pericarpatice, micrile neotectonice s-au orogenesis and the peri-Carpathic units, the neotectonic manifestat numai n Cuaternar cnd au determinat movements took place only in the Quaternary, when they accentuarea i diversificarea denudrii i, ca efect general, brought to the strengthening and diversification of ntreaga varietate a reliefului.

Dar n cmpiile pericarpatice, formate relief units. But, within the peri-Carpathic plains, formed din Cuaternarul mediu pn n Holocen putem vorbi de beginning with the Middle Quaternary up to the Holocene, influena micrilor neotectonice chiar asupra formrii we can speak about the influence of the neotectonic acestora.

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Sunt numeroase i ntrutotul suficiente exemplele care The examples that prove the necessity of a differentiated atest necesitatea considerrii difereniate a factorului consideration of the temporal factor in the research of the timp temporal n cercetarea rolului morfogenetic al morphogenetic role of the neotectonic movements are micrilor neotectonice. Considerentul spaial regional. Spatial regional grounds. First of all, we must start trebuie s pornim de la ideea neuniformitii from the idea of the date miniere online dating unhomogeneouness of the manifestrilor neotectonice nu numai de la o unitate de neotectonic manifestations not only from one relief unit to relief la alta n raport cu vrsta i constituiadar chiar n another according to the age and constitutionbut even cuprinsul aceleiai uniti.

Considerentul spaial ne d within the same unit. The spatial grounds give us an image of dimensiunea fenomenului neotectonic i prin aceasta the dimension of the neotectonic phenomenon and, thus, it 7 ofer posibilitatea studiilor comparative. Departe de a fi uniforme, micrile dintr-o anumit Far from being uniform, the movements from a certain johor bahru neotectonic prezint diferene de manifestare la neotectonic phase present differences of manifestation at a nivel general, regional i local.

In fact, they are the basis of baza diferenierii efectelor i a varietii modului de the differentiation of the date miniere online dating and of the variety of the way exprimare n relief.

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De exemplu, Carpaii sunt afectai de micri recente For example, the Carpathians are affected by recent and i actuale evident difereniate de la o ramur la alta i de present movements obviously differentiated from one date miniere online dating la un sector la altul. Generally, within constatat o cretere a intensitii micrilor de la nord spre the Oriental Carpathians, there was noticed an increase in the sud, ctre regiunea de la curbur.

Within the Meridional Carpathians, the intense i mai evidente de la vest la est, adic tot spre general rising movements were more and more intense and regiunea de la curbur.

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At cu cea mai mare intensitate corespund blocurilor present, the movements characterized by high intensities cristaline. Zona cristalino-mezozoic a Carpailor correspond to the crystalline blocks. The crystalline Orientali corespunde unei arii de nlare general de Mesozoic area of the Oriental Carpathians corresponds to an mm pe an.

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Even if it seems to afectat de micri pozitive actuale. Southwards, there was emphasized a mm pe an, asemntoare cu cea din Carpaii Orientali. Cuaternar de micri a fost cea subcarpatic: ca The most affected relief unit in the Quaternary was the intensitate, ca sens al micrii, ca mod de asociere i de Date miniere online dating one in terms of intensity, way of association difereniere.

Analiza spaial permite observarea modului and differentiation. The spatial analysis allows date miniere online dating to observe de suprapunere, de cumulare i de inversare a micrilor, the way of overlapping, accumulation, and inversion of the bineneles pe seama comparrii efectelor asupra movements by comparing their effects upon the relief.

It is reliefului. Se tie c Subcarpaii, la fel ca lanul carpatic known that the Sub-Carpathians, as well as date miniere online dating Carpathians, alturat, au fost supui, n Cuaternar, unei nlri underwent a general rising of several hundred meters locally generale de sute de metri, local ajungnd pn la 1 m.

In fact, the Sub-Carpathians De fapt Subcarpaii au fost pui n eviden ca unitate de stood out as a relief unit after the general positive neotectonic relief n urma manifestrilor neotectonice pozitive manifestations. On the background of the general rising, generale.

Dar, pe fondul nlrii de ansamblu, au aprut there appeared regional diminutions or increases, which are i s-au manifestat diminuri sau accenturi regionale care now reflected by the alternance of the arching and rising n prezent sunt reflectate de alternana ariilor de bombare areas with others of subduction and depression. The third i de nlare a reliefului cu cele de afundare i date woo app online dating category of movements the local ones are linked to and dezvoltare a reliefului depresionar.

A treia categorie de determined by the tectonic lines or accidents anticlines, micri cele locale sunt legate i determinate de liniile synclines, faults, transverse faults, cuvettes that conditioned sau accidentele tectonice anticlinale, sinclinale, falii, the denudation processes and the diversification of the relief decrori, cuvete care au dus la condiionarea proceselor forms.

Functional grounds. As the role or function of the c. Considerentul funcional. Dei nu poate fi judecat dect mpreun spatial grounds of geologic origin, it is a field of cu considerentele temporal i spaial de sorginte geomorphology, science and geographic topic preoccupied geologic, rmne, totui, un domeniu al geomorfologiei, with the deep knowledge of the relief the mineral tiin i disciplin geografic preocupat de cunoaterea component of the environment differently distributed adncit a reliefului componenta mineral a mediului horizontally or altitudinaly.

The role of the movements upon the relief depends on the Rolul micrilor asupra reliefului depinde de lithography of the unit, the nature of the tectonic accidents, constituia petrografic a unitii, de natura accidentelor the direction and intensity of the movements, the pre-existent tectonice, de sensul i intensitatea micrilor, de situaia morphological situation, that is on an assembly of factors that morfologic preexistent, site-ul de dating pentru poligloti de un ansamblu de factori influence and determine the moulding and the appearance of care influeneaz pn la determinare modelarea i categories of forms and associations assemblies of forms.

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It apariia anumitor categorii de forme i asociaii is a complex process that is seen not only as internal ansambluri de forme.

Un proces complex care este vzut dynamics. It has to be considered especially through its nu n sine numai ca dinamic intern. Trebuie vzut mai effects upon the relief the topographical surfacethe one ales prin efectele asupra reliefului suprafeei that represents the support part for the ecosystems date miniere online dating topograficecel care reprezint partea suport a landscapes, no matter their nature.

It is the process that ecosistemelor i peisajelor, indiferent de natura lor. Directly and indirectly, the neotectonic reliefului considerat la scar regional i local. Direct i movements contribute even determine to the establishing of 8 indirect micrile neotectonice contribuie chiar pn la the datând în afara zonei dvs de confort diversity, which imposes the regional and determinare la stabilirea diversitii morfologice cea care local variety of the geosystems by means of the active impune varietatea regional i local a geosistemelor prin surface.

Badea, L. Gographie, 40, pp Cornea, I. Dragomirescu, S. XIV, pp. Mrner, N. INQUA, pp Rdulescu, I. Romne prin metoda geomorfologic, Probl. IX, pp Scharek, P. Wegman, Iittala dating. Serie, I, 1. Zugrvescu, D. Gophis, date miniere online dating, pp In the last years, in the geomorphologic studies, there has been necessary to analyse and represent the relief by means of other methods, that are not genuinly map drawing, but they mainly rely on the data offered by the topographical maps: the geomorphologic, morphostructural profile, panoramic sketch, and block diagram.

As they are associated with the general and special geomorphologic maps, these types of representation increase the understading capacity of the problems the relief and their exposure pose. Cuvinte cheie: relief, hart topografic, profil, schi panoramic, blocdiagram. Key words: relief, topographical map, panoramic sketch, block diagram n toate hrile topografice sau de factur topografic In all the topographical maps or topographically adic de informare general aprute din antichitate pn structures sketches namely of general information n prezent se acord o atenie special reliefului, poate appeared since Antiquity up to present days, relief is paid a chiar n virtutea unei intuiii precoce, dup care acesta special attention, maybe even by virtue of a precocious ar constitui suportul tuturor nveliurilor Terrei.

Acestea sunt presented the main mountainous chains by means of two nsoite de numele serial killer dating show, de exemplu Carpatus M. Totui, date miniere online dating traversai de rendered on the section that included DACIA in the 4th drumuri sunt consemnai numai prin numele lor, de century p. Nevertheless, the names of the mountains exemplu Alpes Bastarnice.