Între şosele se evidenţiază cele care leagă municipiile Ploieşti din nord , Galaţi din nord-est şi Constanţa din est de Capitala ţării, iar între căile ferate, componentele magistralelor Bucureşti-Galaţi şi Bucureşti-Constanţa-Mangalia. Ceea ce este de admirat cu adevărat în Scrosanctae The definition of cobbles in the dictionary is coal in small rounded lumps. Constantin Voiculescu, Curtea de Argeş Significance of Language Education for Mutual Understanding of Diverse Cultural Values It is still fresh in our minds that, on November 25th in , the symposium for the 50th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Japan and Romania was held by the Titulescu European Foundation and the Romanian Diplomacy Association.

Deşi terenurile degradate din vestul Câmpiei Moviliţei ocupă suprafeţe reduse sub 50 km 2 şi se găsesc sub diferite stadii de evoluţie, în condiţiile continuării activităţilor agricole, combaterea totală a proceselor generatoare şi restabilirea integrală a echilibrului ecologic, sunt practic imposibile.

Totuşi, există posibilitatea reducerii consecinţelor negative şi, poate, chiar stoparea unor procese prin implementarea tehnologiilor ecologice, în prezent costisitoare. Este necesar ca fiecare proprietar de terenuri să menţină ori chiar să sporească procentul humusului din soluri, Această necesitate poate fi realizată prin practicarea asolamentelor şi utilizarea îngrăşămintelor organice o tonă de gunoi de grajd conţine în medie 5 kg de azot, 3 kg de fosfor şi 6 kg de potasiu.

O sursă importantă pentru menţinerea humusului o reprezintă paiele cerealelor. Fiecare tonă de paie din mirişte conţine până la 10 kg de azot. Ars Docendi, Osl dating basics, Coteţ P.

Academiei, Bucureşti, Iacob Gh. VII, Mărculeţ I. II, Bucureşti, Mărculeţ I. In recent years, there has been a blossoming of cultural exchanges between the two countries such as the festival of Japan-Danube Friendship Yearwhich was held in Japan inKabuki drama and tea ceremony which were performed in Romania in May-June and in April respectively, and a demonstration of Karate that was held in Romania in April Shifting our gaze towards the language education, both of the countries have been engaged in student exchanges with each other and improving the domestic environment for learning each other s language.

Under these international circumstances, the time has come when we linguistic professors need to shed light on what to teach for fostering cosmopolitans who have a mutual understanding of each culture and can meet the demands of a new age.

Contrasting and comparing the Japanese, English and Romanian languages with each other, osl dating basics paper aims to show the important role Language-Culture education plays in building a stronger international bridge between Romania and Japan. Significance of Language Education for Mutual Understanding of Diverse Cultural Values It is still fresh in our minds that, on November 25th inthe symposium for the 50th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Japan and Romania was held by the Titulescu European Foundation and the Romanian Diplomacy Association.

In the symposium, Mr. Amamiya, Japanese ambassador to Romania, delivered a speech about how important intellectual and intercultural exchange would be toward a further strengthening of Romania-Japan relations.

It is true that a cooperative framework for interpersonal exchanges has been cultivated by such Ph. However, in the area of language education, the bottom line is what to teach to deepen the mutual understanding of each other s way of thinking.

Traducerea «cobbles» în 25 de limbi

In the rapid progress of globalization under which a lot of people, objects and information freely circulate, we cannot avoid conflict and achieve a better relationship only by using each target language but it is also important to enjoy multiculturalism and understanding each culture. At this point, since the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis theorizes that thoughts rockford mi dating behaviors are determined or are at least partially influenced by language, language education inevitably needs a didactic perspective in which general living concepts reflected in each target language should also be acquired for developing a people-to-people link, the promotion of mutual understanding and the appreciation of different cultures.

Again, the nature of globalization exists through the sharing and accepting of diverse cultural values in a multicultural society. Therefore, contrasting and osl dating basics the Japanese, English and Romanian languages with each other, I will represent what linguistic views we professors should have for language learners to achieve the deep mutual understanding of diverse cultural values through language education Language-Culture Education with Cultural Views for Mutual Understanding 2.

Introduction of a Historical View to Language-Culture Education It goes without saying that language develops with our daily-life changes. To put it another way, a historical view is indispensable for the mutual understanding through Language-Culture education.

COBBLES - Definiția și sinonimele cobbles în dicționarul Engleză

For example, the following is a practical scene for second language learners to acquire the development of a Western way of thinking 21 : 1 Sheriff Taylor: At the Grand Opening Goober, dressed in suit and tie, is beaming until he realizes he s forgotten to order gasoline when he can t fill er up at Andy s request.

There are two reasons for this. One is that, through such resources, second language learners can easily project themselves on conversation role play. The other is that, through their visual experience, it is easier for them to learn the usages of those practical examples. However, especially for Japanese students, it must be harder to understand why the feminine pronoun is used for referring to a car. This is because, generally speaking, Japanese language does not have any semantic usage of gender attributes when expressing objects.

Behind the progress osl dating basics such transportation, you are able to find the human history in which we have invented them with a view to the reduction of time and labor for movement. Western male people used to ride the horse before the invention of the car and regard it as an indispensable partner for their daily life.

Therefore, it is no wonder that even the substitute vehicle for a horse is regarded as a feminine one by modern Western male people.

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Sink, Burn, or take her as Prize. I want to make a call. Pull over and stop the car! That is to say, those expressions respectively derive from pull the reins [of the horse] up, pull the reins [of the horse] over [the street-side horse bar] and take the reins [of the horse] over one s hand into another s one.

Pull up! Larry: Pull the stagecoach over now! It was time to hand over the reins of power. To be specific, the expression of pull osl dating basics [of the dock] here derives from pull [the reins of] a horse [and it goes] out of the barn.

Specifically, it enables them to develop a grasp of the semantic mechanism of some Romanian expressions behind which the Western historical background exists. It is confirmed here that they come to have a mutual understanding of the target-language s culture, through comparing with and contrasting to their own one Introduction of a Traditional View to Language-Culture Education Japanese second language learners sometimes get confused when a different noun is used for expressing the same affair.

The following is a typical case: 1 Narrator: As Lassard and Harris try to wash their hands of the recruits, Mahoney and his classmates become all the more determined to make good, even when one of the recruits accidentally starts a chain reaction of fights that lead to a riot in the city. This kind of difference, more often than not, is likely to be caused by a different tradition based upon each bodily experience.

Sinonimele și antonimele cobbles în dicționarul de sinonime Engleză

Here is an opportunity to practice Language-Culture education to increase the mutual understanding as well. It is widely known that most Western people 25 26 enter a house with shoes on, except in such European countries whose mother tongues belong to the Ural-Altaic family as in Finland and Hungary. Prietena i-a dat papucii.

Si-a luat talpasita. On the contrary, Japanese people stay inside with their shoes off and do not distinguish the spatial difference between the sleeping place and the floor. The reason relates to the Japanese tradition of not using a bed but a futonwhich is a coverlet and bedclothes only for sleeping, so they have regarded the floor space itself as a clean one on which they can lie or sleep.

Tatami is traditionally made of rice straw osl dating basics form the core, with a covering of woven soft rush straw. It provides good thermal insulation, ventilation and heat-retaining characteristics, so that they do not have to wear slippers for spending time there.


As represented in the figures of 7a-bif a person goes outside with geta or waraji on, the person s feet can easily get dirty. Thus, Japanese people have different Language-Culture s expressions from the West, as in 8 - 9. Since Western people wear shoes when spending time indoors and outdoors, the body part to wash first after going home from outside is their hands.

On the contrary, as mentioned above, Japanese people used to wear geta or waraji and had to take them off when entering a house. Furthermore, we already observed the fact that, structurally, while wearing geta or waraji it is easier to get your feet dirty. Therefore, the body part to wash first after going home from outside used to be their feet.

As presented above, understanding a product of each country s tradition enables second language learners to change the target language as a borrowed tongue into their own. Needless to say, that also leads to a mutual understanding of each other s culture. Introduction of a Religious View to Language-Culture Education A lot of Asian countries including Japan are occupied with Buddhism though it should be considered that, more or less, each country has a different interpretation of the religion.

Generally speaking, religion has deeply penetrated the daily life and the thinking of the people who believe it, so that for such Asian people it might not be easy to have a mutual understanding with Christian people osl dating basics some phases, and vice versa.

However, since even religious culture is reflected in language cf. Carroll ed. Therefore, my aim in this section is to present a teaching method for looking into and understanding the religious culture behind the target language for developing a mutual understanding through Language-Culture education. For Japanese Buddhists, one of the most impressive Bible scenes is the first creation of human beings, as in: 1 Then the LORD God osl dating basics some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live.

Old Testament, Genesis, This is because they cannot find such a description in Buddhist scriptures. Osl dating basics, since it is indispensable to recognize each diverse cultural value in multicultural society for globalization, second language learners need to have a deep understanding of this Christian belief through the target language. For instance, the following vocabulary will be target examples of Language-Culture Education for realizing it: 2 bibliography, bibliomania, bibliophile, bibliophobe 3 human, humane, humanity, humble, humiliate, homicide, homage 4 spirit, inspire, expire, aspire, conspire, perspire, respiratory 5 animal, animate, animation The reason is that the origins of 2 - 5 help them acquire the concepts of 28 29 those words systematically and enable them to experience the religious culture of 1respectively represented as in the following 1 : 2 The word component of biblio- derives from the Bible, and the meaning has come to be generalized as book.

Additionally, after learning that there is such osl dating basics close relation between language and culture, second language learners will more easily realize that spirit has a double-meaning, even when listening to the following song 3 : 6 So I called up the Captain Please bring me my wine He said, We haven t had that spirit here Since nineteen sixty-nine cited from the song Hotel California sung by Eagles, italicized by the author As a result, when the teaching way mentioned above is used for second language learners of the Romanian language, a similar educational effect is expected.

For example, such Language-Culture education will open a new window for them to learn the following expressions along with the 1 The origin of datând borcane vechi de fructe expressions is based upon the descriptions of OED. Specifically, the former concept is lowly down to the ground, while the latter is make someone lowly down to the ground cf. OED s. Future Landscape through Language-Culture Education The Japanese flag is inspired by rising sun while the Romanian flag with national emblem is by the yellow hawk fluttering in the blue sky as a symbol of supremacy and ruling power.

As each identity is reflected in each flag, so each culture is inscribed in each language. Since the closest tool of language has varied with the development of people s daily lives, it is indispensable for building tomorrow s international relationships that language education should shed light on the empirical recognition composition of such cultural backgrounds as history, tradition and religion.

Though it is often translated as Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur, it represents the spirit of Zen Buddhism, which lies at the heart of Japanese culture. The following scene reveals the essence of this expression: 1 Katsumoto: I will remember, like these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath That is Bushido. Lastly, but very importantly, the attitude of appreciating every cognitive moment that each target language creates will enable us to build a strong international bridge to connect even culturally different countries like Romania and Japan.

I strongly believe that, through 1 Bushido is the moral code and spirit of Samurai, which also leads to the spirit of Zen Buddhism. Bibliography: 1. Burchfield, R. A fi dintr-o generaţie nouă înseamnă, aşadar, nu a fi tânăr mulţi dintre tineri fiind bătrâni ci a participa activ la elaborarea sensibilităţii epocii şi la fixarea stilului ei; a fi dintr-o generaţie nouă înseamnă a fi contemporan cu tine însuţi.

Stan I. Florea Redactor Şef Prof.

Interdisciplinaritatea reprezintă una dintre cele mai importante şi complexe probleme teoretice şi practice pentru dezvoltarea ştiinţei, pentru o nouă pedagogie a unităţii. Ea presupune fenomene, concepte şi legi generale comune mai multor discipline ce analizează în contexte cât mai variat posibile pentru a evidenţia faţetele multiple şi posibilităţile de aplicare a lor în sfera diverselor discipline. Prin interdisciplinaritate se favorizează transferul orizontal al cunoştinţelor dintr-o disciplină în alta.

Abordarea interdisciplinară porneşte de la ideea că nicio disciplină de învăţământ nu constituie un dating herndon închis, ci se pot stabili legături între discipline.

Succesul în activitatea tinerilor este posibil, numai dacă aceştia pot să coreleze interdisciplinar informaţiile obţinute din lecţii. Văideanu arată că interdisciplinaritatea implică un anumit grad de integrare între diferitele domenii ale cunoaşterii şi diferite abordări,ca şi utilizarea unui limbaj comun, permiţând schimburi de ordin conceptual şi metodologic. Conceptul de interdisciplinaritate a câştigat tot mai mult teren în modul de abordare a lecţiei moderne.

Aceasta reprezintă o modalitate de organizare a conţinuturilor învăţării cu implicaţii asupra întregii strategii de Profesor C. Zinca Golescu, Piteşti 32 33 proiectare a curriculumului, care oferă o imagine unitară asupra fenomenelor şi proceselor studiate în cadrul diferitelor discipline de învăţământ şi care permite contextualizarea şi aplicarea cunoştinţelor dobândite.

Este o componentă a procesului de instruire prin care se asigură aspectul activ şi formativ de dirijare efectivă a învăţării. Interdisciplinaritatea implică stabilirea osl dating basics folosirea unor conexiuni între limbaje explicative sau operaţii, cu scopul diminuării diferenţelor care apar între disciplinele de învăţământ clasice.

Pentru ca elevii să poată realiza abordări interdisciplinare este necesară selecţia modalităţilor de lucru care conduce la exersarea principalelor procese de gândire, a capacităţilor operatorii ale gândirii, fără de care nu este posibilă înţelegerea multiplelor şi variatelor interdependenţe dintre fenomenele lumii reale.

Activităţile cu caracter interdisciplinar au pronunţate valenţe formative favorizând cultivarea aptitudinilor creative. Profesorul actoruldând dovadă de măiestrie şi pricepere, asigură integrarea la nivel interdisciplinar, prin găsirea conţinuturilor comune diferitelor obiecte de studiu, în vederea realizării obiectivelor învăţării. Predarea interdisciplinară pune accentul simultan pe aspectele multiple ale dezvoltării copilului: intelectuală, emoţională, socială, fizică şi estetică.

Evaluarea trebuie să fie coerentă cu noile stiluri şi metode de predare învăţare şi să fie gândită ca un osl dating basics pentru îmbunătăţirea activităţii.

Predarea şi învăţarea unei discipline au dezavantajul că folosesc perceperea secvenţială şi insulară a realităţii unice făcând-o artificială. Din acest motiv este necesară realizarea unor conexiuni între anumite discipline şcolare pentru o percepere unitară şi coerentă a fenomenologiei existenţiale. Intervenţia profesorului determină corelaţii obligatorii prevăzute de programele şcolare şi impuse de logica noilor bf4 pc, fapt ce duce la interdisciplinaritate.

Testele interdisciplinare română-matematică constituie un instrument eficient pentru îndeplinirea obiectivului didactic al evaluării elevilor în ceea ce priveşte cunoştinţele, gradul de stăpânire a limbii române literare, logica, perspicacitatea şi intuiţia, inventivitatea, rapiditatea în descoperirea soluţiilor. Elevii vor fi obişnuiţi să răspundă unor sarcini de 33 34 lucru care solicită atenţia, viteza de reacţie, intuiţia, capacitatea de analiză, sinteză, generalizare şi abstractizare.

Ei vor dovedi cunoaşterea noţiunilor de teorie prezente în programa şcolară şi vor fi capabili să transfere noţiunile ştiinţifice în zona aplicativă. Subiectele vor evalua competenţele vizând identificarea şi argumentarea structurii logice a unui text literar şi raportarea acesteia la mesajul transmis.

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În activitatea de pregătire a elevilor, profesorii vor desfăşura activităţi a căror finalitate va fi cunoaşterea corectă şi înţelegerea nuanţată a sarcinilor de lucru, pentru a demonstra faptul că ambele discipline apelează la comunicarea verbală. Se va insista asupra structurii logice a unui text, în orice stil funcţional, atât în privinţa mijloacelor de redactare, cât şi a sensurilor implicite şi explicite ale mesajului.

Prezentăm un test de acest tip pentru clasa a V-acare permite stabilirea unor conexiuni între două discipline de învăţământ: română şi matematică. Limba română 15 puncte : Se dă textul: A fost odată ca niciodată; a fost un împărat vestit şi avea trei feciori.

Când s-au mărit, le-a dat la fiecare câte trei sute de galbeni, să plece în lume şi să-şi facă fiecare rostul, cum s-o pricepe. Şi au plecat feciorii câte trei, de au osl dating basics până la o răspântie.

Acolo s- au oprit. Iată, mă frate, glăsuieşte cel mare, să apucăm fiecare la câte o parte, unde ne-o lumina mintea, şi, în cutare vreme, să ne întoarcem îndărăt, să ne întâlnim tot aici.

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Şi au plecat fiecare pe câte o uliţă deosebită. Împărătiţa pisică, vol. Basme populare Cerinţe: 1.

osl dating basics datând peste cursa

Identifică, în text, o structură pleonastică şi corecteaz-o. Precizează valoarea morfologică a cuvântului subliniat, din structura: avea trei feciori, apoi construieşte cu termenul trei câte un enunţ în care să îndeplinească funcţia sintactică de complement direct, respectiv de complement circumstanţial de timp.

Identifică numărul de litere şi numărul de sunete din următoarele cuvinte: feciori, să plece, s-o pricepe, aici.

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Explică rolul virgulelor din enunţul Iată, mă frate, glăsuieşte cel mare, să apucăm fiecare la câte o parte. Menţionează două argumente pentru a demonstra că fragmentul aparţine speciei basm. Matematică 15 puncte : Într-o pădure fiul împăratului s-a întalnit cu balaurul care i-a spus: - Dacă îmi rezolvi problema care mă frământă, nu te mănânc. Aceste "cobbles" netede, adunate din paturile de pe cursă, au pavat primele străzi "pietruite". Settele sunt deseori denumite în mod idiomatic ca "cobbles", deși o așezare este distinctă de o piatră de piatră prin căutarea sau modelarea unei forme obișnuite, în osl dating basics ce piatra funerară este în general de o formă naturală.

Rețineți că cobble-ul este un termen geologic generic pentru orice piatră care are dimensiuni între 2,5 și 10 centimetri. O zonă pietruită este cunoscută ca "causey", "cassay" sau dating ayrshire în Scoția. Cobblestones are stones that were frequently used in the pavement of early streets.

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It was these smooth "cobbles", gathered from stream beds, that paved the first "cobblestone" streets. Setts are often idiomatically referred to as "cobbles", although a sett is distinct from a cobblestone by being quarried or shaped to a regular form, whereas cobblestone is generally of a naturally occurring form.

Note that cobble is a generic geological term for any stone having dimensions between 2.