Yes they found traces of arsenic in the boys body when they exhumed him but arsenic is in the ground, and it was proved that the home where he was living with his stepmother had arsenic in the wallpaper. I really think that they should commission another series now about the evidence and other issues surrounding this women. I-am refuzat oferta.

I am not convinced she was a serial killer after my research. Out of children born 50 would be dead in a few months, a very high mortality rate, her mother clearly died of hepatitis and when would she have gotten time to go off and buy arsenic to kill her with and wouldn't there have been a trace of it in a teapot or did she walk around with her killing teapot.

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Her friend died, did she kill her or did she succumb to the same illness her sister in law had? No i am not convinced.

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I think the series was written well but I feel it could have gone further much further. I am not saying she didn't kill anyone but i am not sure she was the killer they were making her out to be. She had lived quite happy in cornwall OK it is said some of her children died there but then so did many children die as the chances were very very high for death.

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Yes i enjoyed it and it did make me want to know more, all the evidence and transcripts were purely heresay. No real evidence was found if it was now i think the case would have been thrown out. Alcala a fost distribuit Bachelor No. A ajuns să câștige o întâlnire cu burlacele acelui episod, Cheryl Bradshaw, dar ea a refuzat să iasă cu el după aceea.

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I-am refuzat oferta. Nu am vrut să-l mai văd.

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Procurorii nu l-au putut condamna pentru viol și tentativă de crimă fără mărturia ei, iar Alcala a pledat vinovat de o acuzație mai mică. Și ceea ce producătorii nu ar fi putut ști este că a ucis două femei când a concurat pentru Bradshaw's.