The foundation stone was laid in January by the Governor. It no longer has a belfry and has been moved twice within the church grounds, so that the half-octagonal faceted apse now faces north rather than east. The internal bungalow-style doors single panel over two are topped with Art Deco style door frames featuring a simple stepped motif. It is one of a number of chattels that relate to the military associations of the church and the Cambridge area. Aplin traded under the Crofts name until and continues to maintain the organ.

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The Mahoneys arrived in Auckland in where Edward waikato dating site up as a building and timber merchant. The Church of St John the Baptist, Parnell and St Mary's Convent Chapel are two of the earliest surviving ecclesiastical buildings designed by Edward Mahoney and reflect the gradual evolution from simple Gothic Revival structures to more ambitious and creative use of the Gothic form such as may be seen in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Khyber Pass ; and St Patrick's Cathedral, the latter completed in Edward Mahoney was a founding member of the Auckland Institute of Architects, attending the first meeting in December where he was appointed honorary treasurer.

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He became president of the Institute in His sons Thomas ? Upon Edward's retirement inThomas and Robert carried on the practice.

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After Robert's death inThomas changed the firm's name to E. The Mahoneys designed a wide variety of buildings including the Auckland Customhouse, hotels, commercial buildings and houses, their best-known surviving domestic buildings being the Pah, at Hillsborough and the Dilworth Terrace Houses, Parnell Although active in the Waipa district sinceAnglican involvement in the town did not begin until In a church committee was formed and a prominent site obtained on the corner of the main street and the road to Hamilton.

In David Richardson, a prolific early Waikato architect, drew up the plans and specifications for a small church in the colonial Gothic style.

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A parishioner provided cut stone blocks for the foundations and the builder was Phillip Cooper. Within just five years there was insufficient space for the growing congregation.

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By church furnishings included an Episcopal chair, a lectern and a memorial font. Nationally, he was recognised as the founder of the Bible in Schools League.

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Thomas Tom E. Wellswas an influential community minded businessman and vestryman in Cambridge from Wells and his wife, Janewere involved in fundraising for the new church and in obtaining a number of the furnishings. By the original church was bursting at its still unlined seams and plans got underway for a more substantial church building.


To allow the new church to be built on the prominent corner site of the property, the original church was moved back from the corner by about 18 metres apse pointing west. The original church became known as the Schoolroom and was used for Sunday school, church meetings including Waikato archidiaconal conferences and public courses.

When its spire became unsafe it was removed, the date of its removal has not been identified.

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A fireplace was installed in the building in for winter warmth. By the original church was also known as the Parish Hall, and a fund was started for renovating it.

After further fundraising, intro cork a bazaar, the contract for the new building was awarded to W.

Connolly of Auckland. The foundation stone was laid in January by the Governor. Willis and Wells were both intimately involved with the building process to ensure waikato dating site workmanship and quality. Due to the financial depression, the nave was shortened from the original plan, but enough pews were made to seat people and the church can hold Cambridge was the first New Zealand rural district to possess a peal of bells.

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Bells were supplied by Vickers and Company, England, in steel, being cheaper and lighter than bronze. The bells were installed on sturdy kauri framing with elm wheels and yokes, overseen by Richardson and dedicated in The bells came with a chiming mechanism allowing one person to ring the bells, though no evidence has been found of it being used.

It was discovered that the new bells were too large to be rung all the way around i. He was a prodigious organ builder, completing about a third of the New Zealand organs built by and some sixty instruments over his working life, leaving a respected legacy.

Some of the pipes were made in England.

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The resulting instrument exceeded expectations, described as being of excellent workmanship and elegant design: it waikato dating site dedicated in In memory of the South African War a carved reredos screen was obtained through Wells, at the instigation of his wife, and installed in Edward Ned Hewitt d.

He was renowned as a fundraiser for the church. He owned the local Criterion Hotel for 30 years and was involved in a variety of community organisations.

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The pulpit was designed and built in Cambridge in his memory, with carved panels produced by Mr Andrews, probably William H T Andrews, installed in In Cambridge was gazetted as a parish and the Centre was enlarged with a lean to room over nine metres long, other lean-tos and sheds were added over time. Wooden shingles were no longer legal and slate was considered too expensive, so the church employed local builder Fred Potts to reroof in corrugated iron.

In a second section of reredos screen was completed.

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The same year Archdeacon Philip Walsh? In the prominent Waikato architectural firm of John Willing Warren? They also designed a font cover around this time in memory of a Cambridge soldier mortally wounded on 25 April in the Gallipoli Campaign.

The first stained glass windows were dedicated ina memorial to the Archdeacon and Mrs Willis.