Although Greece is geographically close to Italy, and Greek literature is highly prized in ancient Rome, western Europe loses touch with its Greek intellectual roots during the centuries after the collapse of the Roman empire. Augustine's mother, Monica, is a Christian; his father is a pagan; but their main concern is that their brilliant son shall thrive in the world, probably as a civil servant. As at the start of the Renaissance in Italy, the intention here is to return to classical masters as a source of inspiration. A good poet can expect preferment at court.

They continue to be added to, with the collection probably reaching its present form in Cairo in the 15th century. The tales are held together within the framework of another story, taking place in the harem of a fierce and bitter sultan.

The Germanic peoples of northern Europe are rivalled only by the ancient Greeks in their genius at transforming the shared myths and memories of the tribe into epic literature.

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Unlike Homer 's Greek epic, no name is attached to the great Germanic poems. But the circumstances in each case are similar.

In Mycenaean Greece and in the Europe of the Dark Ages great events take place under the leadership of a warrior caste which is largely illiterate. The stories of the battlefield deserve constant retelling. The lord's followers need to be entertained after supper in the dark nights of winter. The stage is set for the bard.

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The poem of Beowulf, amounting to lines, is the first and the greatest surviving work of early Germanic literature. The story tells of fantastic fights against fierce dragons, but it is set in an authentic historical context of Scandinavia in the 6th century see Beowulf - the story.

Mingled with the original pagan material of the epic is a thread of Christian commentary and imagery. This blend, matching the experience of the Anglo-Saxons in England, gives likely clues to the poem's date.

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Iceland provides the fullest surviving record of Germanic mythology, legend and history. The earliest examples are found in a manuscript written in the 13th century, known as the Elder Edda or sometimes Poetic Eddawhich is preserved in the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

The opening poem in the Elder Edda entitled Völuspá recounts Norse mythology, from the creation story onwards. Though composed in Iceland, probably in the 10th century, the material is based on earlier sources deriving from Norway and possibly from Norse settlements in Britain. The western half of Charlemagne's Frankish empireapproximating to modern France, introduces in the 12th century a new and influential strand in European literature.

The Franks, as a Germanic tribe, enjoy a powerful epic tradition from Beowulf to the Nibelungenlied in which heroism is the stock-in-trade of fierce warriors beset by often monstrous dangers.

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But in this western part of the Frankish empire - profoundly influenced by Rome, and speaking a Romance language rather than a Germanic one - there now emerges an element which borrows its name from these qualities. The arrival of romance transforms the warrior into a gentleman. The love poetry of the troubadours is linked with a very specific region - southern France and the adjacent regions of Spain and Italy.

Unlike the earlier tradition of minstrels or jongleurs a French word related to 'juggling', which suggests the level of entertainment involvedthe troubadours tend to be aristocrats. Indeed the earliest troubadour whose poems survive is William IX, duke of Aquitaine in the dating local wakefield 12th century. The central region of the troubadours is Provence and the language of their poetry Provençal - the southern version of French.

The shared memories of the Nordic people, first written down in Iceland literature, have been recited and sung wherever Germanic tribes have settled - including the central lands of Germany itself. In the southeast of this region, in modern Austria, the legends about the fall of Burgundy to the Huns achieve their fullest and most influential expression in a version of the late 12th century. This is the great German epic poem known as the Nibelungenlied 'Song of the Nibelungs'. A very early manuscript of the Chanson de Roland dating from aboutin Oxford's Bodleian Library reveals that the author of France's first great epic poem is probably called Turold.

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The setting for his story is Charlemagne's expedition of against the Muslims in Spain. The entire campaign was in reality disastrous, but Turold's choice of incident declares uncompromisingly that this is to be a new kind of heroic poetry. The poet concentrates on a small but undignified event the successful attack by hill people on the rear of Charlemagne's army in the pass of Roncesvalles and transforms it into a glorious occasion.

He does so by concentrating on the obstinate courage of two of Charlemagne's followers. The theme of Arthur, a legendary Celtic king of Britain, proves well suited to the demands of medieval romantic literature. The Carolingian kings have provided the basis for the chansons de geste.

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But they are historical figures, so a tenuous link with reality is desirable though rarely attained. And with their emphasis on the heroic camaraderie of the paladins, there is little scope in the stories for female characters. By contrast the world of King Arthur and his knights offers an already existing collection of exotic tales, which can be adapted and extended to suit the romantic interests of a new generation.

The dating local wakefield medieval hero of Spanish epic and romance is known even in his own day as El Cid, from an Arabic phrase meaning 'the lord'. His real name is Rodrigo Diaz, and his fame derives from his brilliant successes in the confused warfare of medieval Spain.

Christian and Muslim kingdoms at this period compete with each other in ever-shifting alliances - not always along sectarian lines. Rodrigo fights with equal enthusiasm for rulers of either religion. The main event in his story is the capture of Valencia from the Muslims.

He does this on his own account - giving him even more glamour, as a man independent of royal patronage. In the yearon April 6, in a church in Avignon, Petrarch first sees Laura, the beautiful young woman with whom he falls deeply and forever in love. Or so he tells us. Nothing is known about Laura apart from the hints given in Petrarch's Rime, his collection of poems analyzing and lamenting more often than indulging his passion for her.

Scholars have written countless tomes trying to identify her with historical Lauras of the period. Others have argued that she is a poetic fiction, invented to give flesh to the bones of a theme which much exercises Petrarch - the conflicting demands of human love and the love of God, or experience and purity.

The classical age of Persian literature, though launched in the 10th century by the patronage of a Persian dynasty the Samanidsoccurs during four centuries in which Persia is dominated by Turks and Mongols.

The period can be said to begin with the completion in of Firdausi's Shah-nama.

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The later years of the poet's life are made miserable by the failure of the new Turkish ruler to appreciate this great Persian chronicle. During the next four centuries Firdausi is followed by three other poets who have made Persian literature known in a much wider context - Omar Khayyam, Sa'di and Hafiz. Firdausi's epic chronicle of Persian history, the Shah-nama 'Book of Kings'extends to nearly 60, verses.

Omar Khayyam's poems are all short four lines eachthough it may be that he is the author of as many as of these quatrains. The Bustan is a collection of moral tales in verse; the Gulistan is an anthology, mainly in prose, ranging from stories to short aphorisms.

A recurrent theme compares the freedom of dervishes devotees of Sufism with the restrictions suffered by more conventional members of society. Much of scholasticism in its most creative period is concerned with reconciling the insights of Aristotle with the revealed truths of Christianity. There is also a perceived need to weed out impurities introduced to the Aristotelian canon in its passage through Muslim hands, particularly those of Averroës. These Sicilian poems are admired and imitated in northern Italy, where an important new development takes place.

The poets of the north dating local wakefield a less flowery style, using simple Italian to express the emotion of love.

This trend is given a name by its most famous practitioner, who calls it the dolce stil nuovo 'sweet new style'.

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The phrase dating local wakefield Dante's. At its end Dante derives consolation from imagining Beatrice in heaven. But he decides to write no more about her until he can do so in the manner which she deserves.

In the ensuing persecution of the Whites, Dante is sentenced to two years of exile and a fine of florins. Failing to pay the fine, he is sentenced in to death. He lives another nineteen years but never returns to his beloved city. The vast work is written in three-line stanzas known as terza rima 'third rhyme'in which the first line of each stanza rhymes with the third; the middle line gives the first rhyme of the next stanza, to give a rhyming pattern aba, bcb, cdc etc.

Dante's poem is arranged in cantos, one as the prologue and 33 in each of three sections - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. The total number of lines is 14, His father loses his fortune in the failure of the Bardi bank. During the s Boccaccio is recalled home. He is never again free of financial problems, though he plays a distinguished part in the public life of Florence. The tales are in prose. Some derive from folklore and legend; some are comic and scurrilous, in the mood of French medieval tales known as fabliaux; some adopt the high romantic tone of another French tradition, that of courtly love.

All have the added flavour of Boccaccio's quick-witted urban background. This epic poem of the 8th century is in Anglo-Saxon, now more usually dating local wakefield as Old English. It is incomprehensible to a reader familiar only with modern English. Even so, there is a continuous linguistic development between the two. The most significant turning point, from aboutis the development of Middle English - differing from Old English in the addition of a French vocabulary after the Norman conquest.

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French dating local wakefield Germanic influences subsequently compete for the mainstream role in English literature. Piers Plowman exists in three versions, the longest amounting to more than lines. It is considered probable that all three are by the same author. If so he spends some twenty years, from aboutadjusting and refining his epic creation.

A few years later Chaucer becomes one of the king's esquires, with duties which include entertaining the court with stories and music. There can rarely have been a more inspired appointment. Chaucer's poems are designed to be read aloud, in the first instance by himself. Their range, from high romance to bawdy comedy, is well calculated to hold the listeners spellbound.

Courtly circles in England are his first audience. Chaucer adapts to his own purposes the more conventionally dramatic account of this legendary affair written some fifty years earlier by Boccaccio probably read by Chaucer when on a mission to Florence in His own very long poem lines is written in the early s and is complete by He does so also in the detail and humour of the framework holding the stories together.

His account of the pilgrims as they ride from London to Canterbury, with their constant bickering and dating on-line casual, amounts to a comic masterpiece in its own right. Villon, just half a century later, spends his life among people lower in society than Chaucer's humblest pilgrims. He observes their condition, together with his own, in short, vivid, unblinking verses of an extraordinary immediacy - often deriving directly from the circumstances in which he finds himself.

Rabelais' own picaresque life has brought him interests, influences and experiences as varied as those which inform his book. Born in the s as the son of a well-to-do lawyer, he is by a Franciscan friar.

He subsequently travels widely as secretary to a rich abbot, transfers to the Benedictine order so as to study in Paris a period in which he fathers two childrenand finally abandons his monk's habit to become a physician. He does so, famously, In his library in the third storey of a tower which he adds to his ancestral home at Montaigne, near Bordeaux, in He has trained as a lawyer, but soon after his father's death he retires to Montaigne and begins a life of reading, reflecting and recording the development of his thoughts in the form of essays.

In Ronsard's friend Joachim du Bellay publishes a tract, entitled La Défense et illustration de la langue française, which is a manifesto for a new style of poetry. As at the start of the Renaissance in Dating local wakefield, the intention here is to return to classical masters as a source of inspiration.

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Descartes' first quest is to improve the methodology of science. The medieval hotchpotch of ancient scientific theories still prevails so much so that in Descartes prudently cancels publication of a book supporting the theory of Copernicus, on hearing the news from Italy of Galileo's experience on this issue at the hands of the Inquisition. He decides that it must be possible to find a coherent method which can be applied to all scientific enquiry. The three Unities of action, time and place are carefully observed the plot must have a logical consistency and must be completed within a dating local wakefield of twenty-four hours in a single location.

The text is entirely in rhyming couplets of twelve-syllable alexandrines, and there are other clearly defined rules. Violent cine se întâlnește cu bucurie în viața reală can only happen offstage.

The vocabulary is limited, with frequently repeated poetic phrases - and definitely no vulgarity. This is a turning point in Molière's career. For the past thirteen years he and his company have led a difficult existence touring the provinces.

But the experiences of those years enable Molière, as both actor-manager and author, to make the most of the new opportunities in Paris. In this respect his exile from France inafter a quarrel with a powerful nobleman, proves something of a turning point. In one sense this is yet another wave of reaction dating local wakefield the Middle Ages, when faith and authority are the prevailing themes. More positively it is an offshoot of 17th-century science the discoveries of Galileo and Newton being based on rational assessment of material evidence and philosophy following the example of thinkers such as Descartes.

The influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau son of a watchmaker of Geneva is exerted through dreaming of a better society than contemporary privilege-ridden France. That of Beaumarchais son of a watchmaker of Paris derives more directly from his brilliant mockery of those privileges. Before these articles are printed, Rousseau wins himself a controversial reputation with his Discours of - in which he argues, contrary to prevailing fashion, that recent progress in the sciences and arts has had a corrupting effect on public morality.

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Enjoy the Famous Daily Mesopotamia: 3rd millennium BC The earliest uses of writing are strictly practical - lists of commodities, temple accounts, details of a contract. Such documents are short and not too daunting to a Mesopotamian scribe, writing with a reed stylus on a tablet of damp clay.